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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


01:27 Big Alice (the Allosaur) is eating bloody bones and meat from a dead carcass.

01:55 Will refers to the `carrot patch' being just ahead. But Spike (the Triceratops) is in the way.

02:17 Holly mention that it is lucky that Spike is so nearsighted. Will mentions that it is lucky that Holly has run out of her perfume.

02:33: Holly refers to Wills "famous explorations" when Will has an idea of a place where there are no dinosaurs.

02:36 Will mentions seeing a "gold gleam" on a mountaintop. Holly reminds will that the "last time you saw a gleam on the hilltop, Dad got shocked by those two blue crystals.". Holly reminds Will that she is afraid of heights. Will says that it is one place they will not run into Grumpy and company.

03:30 After some difficulty in climbing rocks, Will and Holly rest. Holly notes that it is a long way down, and that it is some view from up here. They continue to climb (without ropes).

04:30 After they are high enough to be surrounded by snow-capped mountains they find a Pylon. Will wonders why they would put a pylon so high before using the `doorknob' to open the pylon,. Holly asks Will to beware of the Skylons. Will surmises that they must have put it way up here for a reason.

05:16 Will makes lightning occur accidentally. Will says there is a matrix similar to Enik's, the one that controls the Time Doorway.

05:46 Will has caused a glowing green Time Doorway in the sky. A bright red shimmering light comes from it. Will notices that it is just like the river and goes all the way around.

06:17 A parachute descends from the sky. Will surmises that this is a time doorway. Will believes they can go home, but Holly wonders how they can get as high as Time Doorway.

07:04 Will finds a white parachute on the ground along with an orange duffle bag.

07:14 The man in the parachute is up a tree being harassed by Spot (the Celophysis, Not a compsognathus) . He appears to be tangled up with a smaller red and white striped parachute. He has white goggles hanging around his neck. Will mentions that it is omnivorous. He introduces himself as Beauregard Jackson of Fort Worth, Texas. He is dressed in a bright red jumpsuit, yellow boots and matching red helmet. Will mentions that they will be able to get back to High Bluff before dark.

08:22 The Time Doorway still floats across the sky.

08:41 Rick in the cave over the fire pit is cutting potatoes with a stainless steel kitchen knife. He cuts them into slices over a steel camping pot with a wooden spoon sticking out of it. It sits on the camping grating over the rock-lined fire pit.

08:47 Will asks the Will and Holly if they brought home anything edible. Apparently they were on a search for food.

09:05 Beauregard mentions that "Mission Control" won't be too happy with his accident. Rick tries to explain the Land of the Lost to him. "The nearest telephone is light years away. This is another world, a closed universe. Uh, it's not quite like Earth. I mean this place is filled with dinosaurs and monkey-like people that we call Pakuni. In fact it was built by the ancestors of some giant insect-like creatures that we call Sleestaks."

09:46 Will and Rick use the flyswatter on Grumpy (the Tyrannosaur) .
10:10 The bamboo table with three placemats, silverware settings and three gourd-bowls is already laid out.

10:22 A large moon is over high bluff.

10:27 Beauregard Jackson tells his story. "So there I was making reentry over Ecuador. The plasma field was building up over the heat shields so I couldn't see too much of what was going on." Will mentions that he has never heard of a glider like that. Beauregard Jackson tells Will that it was a Hypersonic Glider, the same as he's been flying for the past six years between Phoenix Port and Space Station 5. Holly calls it a spaceship and Beauregard Jackson corrects her by telling her that it's not a real spaceship because the gliders don't go to other planets like the Pulse Ships, but they are fun to fly and safe enough. He says that something cut the tail off of his glider. Next thing he knew he was hanging from his parachute in that tree. He remembers that there is a radio in his glider, but it wouldn't do him much good here.

11:16 When Will explains to Beauregard Jackson about Enik, he doesn't understand that Enik is not human (indicating that in his time no aliens have been discovered). Will explains that Enik was one of the people who helped build this place. He got trapped here when he fell through one of the time doorways. When Beauregard Jackson asks if Enik ever got out, Rick says that they never found out.

11:22 Will thinks that the pylons have something to do with the time doorways. There's so many of them and each one seems to lead to a different world or different time (Will passes a guilty look to Holly). Will tells Beauregard Jackson that he must be from the future because they don't have any space shuttles yet.

11:53 Rick thinks he has an extra blanket for Beauregard Jackson.

12:10 Will mentions that he doesn't think that he has every heard it so windy.

12:23 Beauregard Jackson asks what the green glowing Time Doorway is. Rick has never seen it before. Will admits he was touching some of the crystals on the matrix tables trying to open a time doorway home. He didn't want to close it because he thought it would make it worse.

13:09 Rick asks if Will remembers the crystals that he touched to open to doorway. Since Will does, Rick thinks this might be enough information to undo the damage. Beauregard Jackson surmises that since the green glowing doorway is the one he came through, they might be able to go back through it. Beauregard Jackson asks if Rick minds coming back about twenty years after they started and Ricks says that they don't mind, they just want to get back.

13:24 Rick says the time doorway is 50-60 meters up and there are a lot of hills around here that are a lot higher. Maybe they could jump into it.

13:43 Beauregard Jackson says that there are things they are going to need from his survival kit. Monofilament line, binoculars, parachute. He spends a half our rolling up his parachute. Beauregard Jackson asks the Marshalls if they notice the wind. His glider was 15 miles up and still moving at a half a mile a second when that thing grabbed me. If the other side of the gateway is still moving through the earth's atmosphere, 15 miles up , ½ mile a second. That's where the wind is coming from because it's moving. Once he goes through the gate he can freefall all the way down to where he can breathe the air, but after that he's still going need his parachute. He is wearing his large grey parachute harness (though there still is a white parachute behind his orange survival kit).

14:22 Rick points out that the Marshals don't have parachutes, but Beauregard Jackson says that once he gets through and he gets back to a ship he promises he will come back for them.

14:40 They all climb the mountain again to the pylon there. Will warns Beauregard Jackson not to touch anything in the pylon, but Beauregard Jackson says that eventually they will have to because that gateway doesn't go near any high points except one and that's a long way away. But maybe it does pass close enough. Beauregard Jackson uses his binoculars to look. He gives the binoculars to Rick who says that's it's one thing to know about it but seeing it… When Will looks through the binoculars he exclaims "It's like the river". Finally Holly looks through the binoculars where she sees the backs of the Marshals and Beauregard Jackson. Holly exclaims "It's us! It's us on that hill. That hill is this hill isn't it?". Beauregard Jackson "It's like looking all the way around the world". Rick says "I told you this is like a small, closed universe." Rick takes Beauregard Jackson aside and says that he is not going to be able to help them. But Beauregard Jackson says that he can fly a glider through that gateway, it'll be just like docking at a space station." Rick explains that the other side of that doorway is moving. The winds pouring through it right into our side. And at a half mile per second, nobody can dock with that. If we don't close that doorway, sooner or later that winds gonna turn into a hurricane. And it won't start rising, until all of the air in this valley is moving at a half a mile per second.

16:29 Holly sees Skylons in the air. She explains that they are friendly sometimes. We had a problem with the weather once and they told us how to fix it. Rick elaborates that they are kind of living machines, there the watchdog over the environment. They are signaling "green yellow red blue yellow red". Rick notes that it is a long sequenced of colors. He goes into the pylon to try it. Beauregard Jackson notes that it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Rick says that is something else they haven't been able to figure out yet.

17:18 Rick tries the colors on the matrix table. "Green, Yellow, Red. Blue,, Yellow, Red. Red, Yellow, Red.". Will and Holly says that something is happened to the wind and that the Skylons are still flashing. Will says that the sequence is now "Green, Yellow, Green. Blue, Yellow, Greed. Red, Yellow, Green." Rick tries to repeat it. "Green Yellow, Green. Blue, Yellow, Greed. Red, Yellow, Green.". Holly says that this is making it worse. Will and Holly come into the pylon and tell him that the Shimmer is still there and that the gateway is still open. Beauregard Jackson wonders what's wrong because "I thought you said they control the weather?" Rick realizes that the Skylons have nothing to do with the time doorways. They are telling them how to stop the natural wind – but since it's not a natural wind so their signals just made it worse.

18:45 Holly watches a Skylon go right through the gateway. The wind starts to build up again. Rick says that there is nothing anyone can do as long as that one and only time doorway is acting as a giant hurricane. They're going to have to slow or shut it down. Beauregard Jackson notes that they'd be cutting off his only way out. He will only have one chance to make it through while they experiment in shutting down the doorway.

19:56 Rick experiments with the matrix table and causes lightning. Some more twists and the shimmer takes off "like a bat out of Philadelphia" . Beauregard Jackson asks Rick to slow it down and see if he can make it turn. Rick seems to be managing that. Beauregard Jackson asks him to angle it towards the ground and try to level it off some. It's rising a little." Rick still hasn't made it turn yet and it is still too far away. Rick finally succeeds in making a right turn, which sends it into the cliff below them, shaking them all. It came right outside of the mountain below them. Rick has made it turn right, but now he has to turn left, but Rick isn't sure he can remember how to do it.

21:15 The Shimmer is coming right at them now. The wind is also less know. Rick must have slowed it down. But the shimmer is coming right down their throats. Beauregard Jackson tells Rick to get his kids out of there. The Marshalls retreat down the mountain and duck behind some rocks while the shimmer goes right to the cliff and Beauregard Jackson jumps into it.

22:04 The wind immediately stops. Will wonders if he made it, but Rick says they'll never know. The gateway is gone and it destroyed the pylon. He guess they will never be able to open up that gateway again. Will says they'll just have to find another pylon, but Rick admonishes him, that if he ever catches him fooling around with another pylon.....they' re be no television for a week.