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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


01:17 Three moons in the sky

01:32 The Marshals are building a raft out of wooden logs and lots of

Will seems to have a hammer or camping hammer.

01:47 Rick indicates that you can take the swamp to the river.

02:12 All three Marshals have yellow life vests

02:32 Will has a long wooden pole he is using to push the raft.

03:17 Apparently the swamp does lead to the river which is easier

03:26 The river eventually flows in between high cliffs.

03:32 Apparently the river then goes underground.

03:47 Apparently the river has no share and leads to a waterfall.

03:53 There is a hole in the wall near the waterfall that the
Marshals escape the raft from.

05:05 The hole leads through tunnels that appear water-carved

06:10 The tunnel leads eventually to a huge cavern where they find
Jefferson mining some large green crystals.

Jefferson wears confederate pants, boots, a long john shirt, suspenders
and a confederate cap.

He also has wooden matches and a large bore cannon.

06:50 The walls off the cavern are embedded with large glowing

The crystals appear to be red, green, and yellow.

07:24 It's apparent that Jefferson is from the past (the Battle of
Bull Run
, Gettysburg, Antigun). He does not believe that 'she' is an

08:26 Jefferson tells the Marshalls that the river doesn't end it
just goes underground and then.....

08:55 Jefferson is an artillery man in the Confederate States of

They have never been defeated - its only what those dang Yankees want
us to believe.

10:04 Rick and Will have a shovel and pick that probably belong to

10:13 Will mentions that it's been a long time since he has seen a

10:21 The crystals that Rick and Will are mining are just like the
ones they have found in all the other caves, but brighter.

10:40 Holly finds a Sleestak skull and possibly Sleestak hip bones.

11:08 Rick and Will wonder why the crystals glow. They give off both
light and heat as a side effect. The whole lode seems to be a power
source of some kind.

11:25 Rick speculates that it powers the 'time portal' they fell
through and that it is probably mildly radioactive.

They also notice that Jefferson is from 130 years ago.

11:50 Rick refers to Sleestak as the Big Insect.

11:54 Will notices scratches on what is apparently a Sleestak bolt.

12:03 Holly notes that the Sleestak don't like the light.

12:13 Jefferson notes that blue crystals will make you sick.

12:16 Jefferson notes that yellow crystals are okay. They are fine.

12:22 Jefferson puts together a green and red crystal which gives off
a blazing light for a few seconds.

Jefferson notes that if you add a yellow one its bright enough to
blind you, but it doesn't last long.

12:47 Jefferson says that a 3 foot wide fish - while not catfish - is

He also holds what appears to be a giant mushroom.

He notes that if you put some salt on them it is quite good. He is
running low on salt.

13:02 Jefferson says that the first year he was here he shot three
Sleestak ('Biggest damn Yankees you ever saw') and that he ate them
and they tasted like lobster. He says they don't bother him lately.

13:19 Rick mentions that Sleestak have crossbows.

13:21 Rick indicates that Sleestak think humans taste good.

13:29 Jefferson indicates that he knows where the river is but won't
tell Rick.

14:56 Sleestak come into Jefferson's tunnel.

Jefferson fires the still working cannon into them.

15:48 Several wood/gourd bowls and a rock table appear in Jefferson's
cavern. There also appears to be a set of stairs going up into a

16:04 Jefferson has both a shovel and a pick.

16:48 Rick notes that some mushrooms can have mental affects and that
Jefferson has been eating mushrooms for a long time.

17:19 Jefferson has fermented mushroom and fish juice in a biota bag.

18:07 Jefferson has apparently figured out how to mix saltpeter to
rearm the cannon when it runs out of ammunition. But it takes time.

Jefferson notes that the Sleestak won't be back for a while.
Apparently once they are scared off, they stay scared for a while.

18:58 There are apparently more tunnels that lead off from the
cavern. The Marshals have apparently decided to take just any tunnel.

19:31 Will says he can see light down a tunnel. But Sleestak are
right behind him.

19:50 Jefferson has a water bag and apparently a bucket of some sort.

19:58 Jefferson apparently knows a tunnel that leads to the river.

Sleestak come upon them in the river.

They use crystals to drive off the Sleestak, but the light doesn't
last very long.

20:07 Jefferson cannot swim.

20:30 Will tries to put two crystals together but apparently chooses
an explosive combination (green and green) and Jefferson tells him to
throw them away. He does and they explode at the Sleestak feet.

They all jump into the river thereafter wile the Sleestak shoot
crossbows at them.

21:12 Apparently the underground river comes out to the swamp where
the Marshals and Jefferson climb ashore.

21:42 Jefferson has apparently never seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

21:50 Apparently the river comes back out onto a Pylon.

21:59 Rick notes that the river begins and ends at the swamp.

22:14 Rick notes that the Land of the Lost is a closed universe, like
a locked room is space.

22:36 Rick notes that Jefferson can get back to his cavern by just
following the river downstream.