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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


01:16 Pteranodon flies overhead.

01:49 Huge wooden cart with large wooden wheels that Will and Holly
both pull and push. It has a large amount of 1" thick rope used in
its making.

03:10 Will and Holly find a huge freshly broken brontosaurus egg in
what is apparently nesting grounds.

03:48 Pteranodons fly overhead.

04:02 Will and Holly find a patch of giant strawberries they load onto
the cart.

04:38 Will tells Holly that dad thinks the Land of the Lost is
another universe and that things from all of time and space are here.

Holly also lost a doll once.

05:19 They meet the baby brontosaurus.

06:31 Two large trees that Dopey gets stuck between.

06:57 Spike the Triceratops

06:59 a Coelyphus?

07:00 A Brontosaurus (probably Dopey's mother).

07:25 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Grumpy) comes after Dopey following the

08:24 Will was apparently in the Boy Scouts.

12:30 Rick estimates Dopey weights 5,000 lbs.

13:04 Holly teaches Dopey to play fetch (with no success).

13:22 Holly rides Dopey

13:37 Holly tries to teach Dopey to haul the cart

14:53 Holly apparently sleeps in her clothes in the green sleeping

15:44 Rick and Will apparently also sleep in their clothes.

18:24 Rick suggests that Emily (the Brontosaurus) might adopt Dopey,
implying that she is not his mother.

Rick also mentions that there are other Brontosaurus there in the

18:54 They have three large bowls that appear to be made from huge
gourds. A bamboo table as well. They have metal forks.

19:49 Holly says that the Marshalls had strawberries growing in their
back yard at home.

Apparently once they made home-made ice cream and picked strawberries
to put on the ice cream.

20:14 Will used to think that the Land of the Last was just a bad

20:40 Rick thinks that Grumpy doesn't like the water that much.

20:56 We see Emily the Brontosaurus.