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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


12:46 Holly catches up with her father. Rick thinks he went down a particular tunnel, but that it is full of Sleestaks. They find Will's torch and Rick uses his lighter to light it. Rick is worried that it will wake up more Sleestaks but since Holly is cold he decides to use it anyway. Rick tells here that Sleestaks don't like fire much.

13:33 Will looks at the Marshalls repeatedly falling over the waterfall. "How could it be? If we didn't fall through the time doorway, then we must have fallen to the rocks below and died. But if we fell into the rocks, then we wouldn't be here!" Enik says that this is the puzzle. "The mist of the time doorway did not draw you into the vortex. The raft fell only part way down the falls. You seem to have fallen into space." Enik says that the Marshalls presence here is disrupting the balance of the doorways. I must correct that imbalance or I cannot go home.

14:43 A Sleestak tries to grab Rick but he uses his torch to drive it off. They try to go into Enik's room but they cannot move the invisible barrier. Will sees them and opens the doorway to Rick and Holly.

15:48 Enik says that they've never fallen through the time doorway. Will notices that there is no mist when they fall into the falls. It's like we fall into nothing. Rick asks why the sequence keeps playing over and over again. Enik says that is the source of the paradox. The matrix is locked on to that incident. Enik cannot use it for anything in that present condition. Rick wonders if there is not any reason they could not throw a rope through the time doorway and lure the raft off onto one of the rocks? Enik says that if the sequence moves from the end to the beginning your rope would be cut. In actually you should have been killed in the waterfall. The time doorway cannot be used for anything until this paradox is resolved. You are here and you are there, both at the same time.

17:04 Enik has a tentative solution. If he can prevent you from being transported here, then all will be normal again. Holly realizes that this means that they will be killed. Enik tells her that she has a fine grasp of the obvious.

17:34 Rick remembers when the waterfall opened up. It was all golden and misty. A huge hole in space and then like a nightmare within a nightmare. Enik cannot tell them how they got here. Enik says that the only way for them to get back an equal mass needs to be brought here. Rick asks Enik if he can bring *those* three people. If `they' enter then `we' can leave. The time doorway will no longer be locked on that scene and then Enik can leave too. Enik supposes that he could save them, but he won't because it would be wrong. It is against the code to tamper with the lives of others. Rick asks if it is against the code to provide the information. Enik admits it is not. Enik tells Rick to remove a white crystal from the wall. Place it on the table. The doorway will open, the raft will fall. Rick places a large white crystal on the matrix table. Enik will have to test it to see if it will work. Enik says Yes it works. Enik tells them that they MUST go through, to complete the resolution of the paradox. If three people enter the land then three people must leave, even if it is the SAME three people. Those three on the waterfall, they are suspended between two worlds, until you go through the doorway. You MUST go home. As the Marshals go through head towards the doorway, Holly thanks Enik and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Enik is confused by this custom that Rick explains means "Thanks and Good Luck". Enik tells them that "As you know, we are not very expressive." He puts both hands on Holly's shoulders and says "Ganactic". It means "Good Health, Good Life, and Go in Peace." The Marshalls go through the time doorway. Enik clutches the Mageti as he watches them leave.

21:03 The sequence continues with the Marshalls getting out of the raft and running from Grumpy.

21:25 The Marshalls hide behind the rocks in the High Bluff cave and notes that Tyrannosaurus Rex hasn't existed for 70 million years. The Marshalls all wear their yellow life vests. Rick notes that High Bluff looks like a pretty safe place to stay until they find out where they are or figure out how to get back home. Rick say that they know that they will get back home.

22:24 Watching the sequence Enik says "Yes my friends, you will. Someday. The cycle is now complete. I can go home, to my time. Ganactic my friends."