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People, Places and Things
(Provided by Michael Taylor, from his notes for the ultimate LOTL role-playing game he someday hopes to write)


0:00:07 Will has a blue shirt, yellow life vest, aluminum oar, green backpack with red sleeping bag. Holly has red plaid shirt, yellow life vest. Rick has yellow life vest, khaki ranger shirt, aluminum oar. Yellow life raft.

0:00:10 Green backpack. Red sleeping bag

0:00:40 Will and Holly wear brown corduroy pants. Rick wears khaki pants

0:00:50 Establishes place where the river ends and the Marshalls.

0:01:00 Will and Rick both appear to be carrying belt knives while Holly appears to be carrying a green plastic canteen.
0:01:02 Cave (High Bluff) established.

0:01:15 Brontosaurus established in the background. Probably two.

0:01:37 Holly has a red  backpack

0:01:46  Compsognathus (Spot)

0:01:47 Tyrannosaur (Grumpy)

0:02:44: Three moons in the sky. Will is wearing a gold necklace.

0:03:18: Holly has two rubber band like ties for her hair

0:04:15 Will also has a belt-looped green plastic canteen.

0:04:35 First Pylon Discovered. You can touch it but you really can’t feel it. It's also cold.

0:05:14: Three Pakuni established trying to start a fire with flint and wood.

0:04:47 Holly wears a wide leather belt with a big metal belt buckle.

0;05:26 Clearing established where Pakuni try to make fire and Grumpy chases them. Has large rock in the middle of it.

0:06:51 Holly wears brown suede shoes.

0:07:23 Will wears a wide leather belt with a large metal buckled.

0:09:20 Rick also wears a thin black belt with a silver belt-buckle.

0:09:46 Rick apparently knows first aid.

0:10:06 Rick carries a camp shovel on his backpack.

0:10:47 Basket established to haul things up to the cave. Made of rope and large sticks and a pulley arrangement at the top of the cave (unseen).

0:13:08 Flyswatter established (long log they use like a battering ram to poke Grumpy in the mouth).

0:14:19 Two Pteranodons established.

0:14:20 Green sleeping bag.

0:14:25 Large metal camping cooking pot, metal grate over the fire pit in the cave

0:14: 29 Rick carries a orange 'bic' lighter

0:14:44 Large plastic foldable water jug, yellow coffee cup

0:15:07 Blue terry washcloth/towel, smaller silver camping pot.

0:15:42 Some sort of small nylon bag, and a pair of black binoculars.

0:15:43 Two red bandanas they use the make a split for Cha-Ka.

0:16:15 Rick wears brown camping boots

0:16:57 Rick has the green sleeping bag, Will has a green sleeping bag and Holly has the red sleeping bag.

0:19:10 Large green melons established.

0:19:12 Ta and Sa apparently know how to use sharpened sticks as spears (and melons) for weapons. They can also climb trees.

0:19:47 Ta and Sa are amazed and perhaps afraid of fire.

0:20:19 Apparently Grumpy learns to avoid the flyswatter.

0:21:43 Giant applies, giant strawberries, large green melons, large yellow melons (?). Green apples.  Nothing like this on earth.