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The Altrusians - Only Human
An essay by River Rasmussen

(Spoilers ahead)
This one admittedly sounds a little out there, but I think I have enough evidence to back it up. Every animal and plant in Altrusia originates from Earth, aside from the Altrusians. This seems a bit suspicious. But after examining them not particularly in depth, it seems obvious what they are. In the very first episode of Land of the Lost, Rick states that all the animals in Altrusia are evolved. We’ll get back to this in a future theory trust me, but for now let’s run an examination on the Altrusians.


  • Bronze skin
  • Simian (humanoid) resembling facial structure
  • Simian (humanoid) body plan
  • English fluent
  • Tails
  • A single head horn
  • Claws

I’ll admit, at the time that Land of the Lost was created, this was a standard depiction of an alien. But even in the very subtle features of Altrusians, you can find references to this idea. Now, I’m going to go ahead and assume for the purpose of this experiment that the Proto-Altrusians were brought to the Land of the Lost around the time that the Pakuni were in existence, as at this time many partially intelligent Simians were evolving, notably Cro-Magnons, and Neanderthals along with about seven other known species. The Altrusians in this scenario gained larger frontal facing eyes once they no longer needed to defend themselves, now wielding the power of the crystals. Their hand became simpler as they only needed to perform the same simple tasks over and over; all could be accomplished with the crystals. Their horns and tails are a bit more difficult to explain, the best I can come up with is that they were courtship displays. This is actually a bit off course, but although we’ve established that the Altrusians reproduce with the Dagartar so they really wouldn’t need courtship displays for her, we’ve seen that Sleestaks have sex with each other for recreational reasons (In the non-Gerold related movie so take that with a grain of salt). What’s more Human than that? Aside from this, the Altrusians really look very human compared to the Sleestaks. Consider their smooth leathery skin in contrast to the scaly reptilian skin of the Sleestaks, or the creases in the claws of the altrusians that seem to hint that they weren’t always conjoined. I think these changes are also entirely reasonable to assume could have evolved on the Sleestaks. Teeth in fact are a type of scale. We Humans and the Altrusians both have the genetic know-how to develop scales. Now why they would develop these features, that’s probably a whole new can of worms, and we can dive into that some day in the future, but for now I’m satisfied with this conclusion.

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