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The All of Time and Space Paradox
An essay by River Rasmussen

(Spoilers ahead)

Today, our problem starts in episode three. In this episode at 4:28 Holly asks “Why are there dinosaurs here anyway?” and Will responds with “Dad thinks it’s because we’ve fallen into another universe. And there’s things from all of time and space here.” This though, is demonstrably false with few exceptions. I made lists of every seen animal and character in Altrusia and where they come from. Here are those lists.

Earth animals: Tyrannosaur, Coelophysis, Triceratops, Brontosaur, Pteranodon, Eryops, Ankylosaur, Pig, Chicken, Iguana, Scarabs, Trout, Coelacanth, Marshalls, Colley, Peter Koenig and Harry Potts, Malak, Medusa, Flying Dutchman, Rosco T. Post, Lone Wolf and Elmo Diggs, Dimetrodon, and Elasmosaurus.
(Pakuni are probably Australopithecus, and Tapa and Konam are Human folklore, and therefore probably Earth beings.)

Now here’s the list of unknown origin animals:
Builder, Altrusian, Awoya tusa, and Zarn. (Sharon and F.R.E.D came with Zarn’s ship)

That doesn’t seem like “all of time and space” does it?

Well that made me think of something Zarn said once. “Out of the 31,00 human types in this universe, you and your family might be different.” ...Sorry what? 31,000 human types? I immediately thought back to my theory on the Altrusians being human descendants (which I also have new evidence for). One of the earliest structures in Altrusia, left untouched for years, the Builder’s temple is a strange subject. Containing a myriad of cryptic artifacts, it truly requires a deepdive. But for now let’s observe what we can. We have what can be assumed to be a base plan or representation of a pylon, and a number of mysterious symbols and sculptures. But what’s most interesting is the repeating references to humans. Inside the builders room there’s a sculpture of what looks like a human, another simply of a human hand, and, most importantly, the symbol on the door, an engraving of two outstretched hands making contact. This makes me think about the curious creases in altrusian hands, seemingly resembling the fuzing of two fingers into one. Just food for thought. Also, with the numerous references to Builder being the creator of everything, I can’t ignore the similarities between the door engraving, and the famous painting of God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel. What is this implying about Cha-Ka? We’ll talk about that some other time, but for now, the conclusion we’re coming to is that the creator of Altrusia was human. Well, David Gerrold himself has said that the Altrusians created Altrusia as a waystation for universal travelers. But Builder created Altrusia! Is there any reasonable way to explain this other than coming to the conclusion that Altrusians descended from far-future Humans? Builder and other humans created Altrusia! Now, getting back to Zarn’s comments about the 31,000 Human types… After creating Altrusia, did the humans spread out and colonize the universe using their new waystation? I think that’s very possible. I don’t have a lot of evidence for this but I also don’t think it’s a huge stretch. Zarn and Enik both seem to think of Humans as violent warring species, very capable of universal colonization, they’re also clearly very aware that they existed to begin with. So did the Humans just bring their animals throughout the universe, and that’s why we have so few non-Earth animals? I don’t think so. We’ve seen other planets in the LOTL universe in the episode The Pylon Express. And 2 out of the 5 worlds we saw contained alien life! These animals are clearly accessible, so why aren’t they here? Well, as always, I have a theory. In episode 4, Downstream, Rick presented the idea that the crystals were just tiny outcroppings from some huge power source powering the crystals and the pylons. In episode 21, One of Our Pylons is Missing, we see said power source. A huge meatball of what seems to be a heart, mouth, stomach, and various other organs, beating within Altrusia’s core. The catch is, this power source isn’t self-sustaining. It’s organic and needs to feed. Anything that steps near its entrance will fall in and be consumed. Altrusia is powered by the animals that roam it, unwittingly being devoured by their home. Whilst brainstorming with one of my friends the other day, we discussed how things fall into Altrusia in the first place. It’s been explained previously by it simply having a lack of control, but the pylons don’t seem unstable, or able to make these mistakes on their own. The pylons don’t act up unless disturbed. I think it’s a timer. I think there’s a timer set to regularly bring in animals from Earth to feed Altrusia and sustainably keep it running. And why Earth? Because it’s an environment they’re familiar with, the plants and perhaps even the very ground Altrusia was made from came from Earth, so when the time doorways’ victims fall in, they’re in an environment where they can survive long enough to fall into the core. So yes, things from all of time and space can get in. But unless you’re from Earth your chances are pretty low. Thanks for reading, and if you have anything to add, feel free to contact me at:


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