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Dagartar - The God of the Pit
An essay by River Rasmussen

(Spoilers ahead)

One of the largest of the mysteries from Land of the Lost is what the God of the Pit was. We know barely anything about it right? Well let’s analyze what we know already.
  • The God births the eggs of the Sleestak (Where do we know this from?)
  • When disturbed it emits a red light
  • It’s sound is a roar
  • It protects a small red orb
  • The Sleestak hail it as a god
  • The Sleestak feed it
  • It eats Sleestak.
  • It’s easily scared by animals fighting back
  • It lives in a pit
So the most interesting of these to me is the fact that it can reproduce with Sleestak. This implies two things. First, that it’s a female Sleestak, and second, that all the actual Sleestak are male. This actually makes some sense as originally the Sleestak were meant to be huge bees. Although that’s not actually how queen bees work, and is really more similar to ant colonies, but nonetheless, the point remains. So now we’ve established what she is, a female Sleestak, this could explain why the Sleestak hail her as a God, and feed her. Now what does she look like? Well I believe we’ve actually seen her before without knowing. Let’s assess her attributes once again. She lives in a pit, is part of the Altrusian race, emits a red light, and will retreat when attacked. (Image at right is of the cave serpent from the 1990s LOTL episode “Siren's Song”.)

Meet the Dagartar (name taken from Far Out Space Nuts). It lives for thousands of years, it lays thousands of male eggs, but only one female egg at the end of it’s life to be it’s heir. Thus, it evolves much slower than the other Sleestak. Still having the iconic horn, bronze skin, and blinding eyes of the Altrusian, this enormous serpentine animal spends most of its time in the dark depths of caves, being fed by the males. Very rarely is this creature threatened, and when it is, it retreats quickly, not knowing how to fend for itself. Remember when Holly punched the God of the Pit and it immediately retreated? This is why. The only thing I don't know how to explain is the red light it emits when hurt. I’d love to hear any theories you all have.

I should also mention that since the cave serpent is from the 90s version, it’s not associated with David Gerrold so it could be just an off handed idea that Sid had while Puffn’ some stuff. But I’d like to imagine that perhaps he was staying faithful to David’s vision and keeping his lore in mind.
Thank you very much for reading, I’m going to try to start making these a bit shorter so I can keep pumping them out. I’ve also been a bit preoccupied by a discovery of 13 potential new episodes of LOTL that I’ve been trying incredibly hard to dig up. If you have anything to add, or any information on The Lost Island, please feel free to contact me at

The link to the episodes with the Dagartar in them:
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