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Agamba - The Next Altrusians
An essay by River Rasmussen

(Spoilers ahead)

Here’s another one that’s a bit out there, and this time I don’t know if I have enough evidence to back it up. I had this idea while watching the episode “Babysitter”. In the scene that caught my attention, Zarn walks up to Grumpy and just straight up roasts Grumpy, and Grumpy just sits there and does what Zarn says he should. This was incredibly funny but it caught me so off guard that at first I didn’t even realize how ridiculously out of place it was. It had absolutely nothing to do with the plot and literally added nothing to the lore. The bizarro Grumpy and Alice from the movie also seemed to understand English, so it wasn’t an isolated incident. But it still wasn’t a pattern yet. In a previous theory I mentioned how Rick said everything in the Land Of The Lost was evolved. I’d previously noted how oddly the heads of the theropods of Altrusia were shaped. Flat, almost triangular skulls with non-predatory eyes. Could this perhaps mean that the “Agamba'' (The Pakuni word for either “dinosaur” and sometimes specifically Tyrannosaur. Though more often Grumpy is referred to as Akingo) were becoming sapient animals somehow? Then I remembered the peninsula “Sleestaks” from the 90s LOTL, they always confused me, as they didn’t make any sense compared to EVERY OTHER SLEESTAK WE’D EVER SEEN, or Altrusian for that matter! They were Saurian people missing all of the iconic Sleestak features. I’m aware that David Gerold didn’t have anything to do with the 90s version but it is possible that the Kroffts were trying to stick to the lore at least a bit.

This is all I have so far, but if you have anything to add feel free to email me at
Gnactic, and may Builder be with you - River