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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Tribe That Ate Monsters Valley of the Dinosaurs
"The Tribe That Ate Monsters"

Valley of the Dinosaurs #10 (Charlton)
Art and Story: Unknown
October 1976


A primitive, hominid tribe of nomads that hunts carnivorous dinosaurs intrudes on the cave dwellers' land.


Story Summary


Accompanied by Digger and Glump, Katie, Greg, and Tana go for a ride on Stegy into the jungle. Unbeknownst to them, the legendary nomadic Tribe That Eats Monsters has entered the cave dwellers' land, felling an Allosaurus.


Stopping at a stream, Katie and Tana stay there for a rest, while Greg rides Stegy to check out a waterfall nearby. After Greg has left, the nomads suddenly show up and kidnap Katie and Tana. Alerted by the girls' screams, Greg races back with Stegy, Digger, and Glump and tries to chase off the primitives. Digger runs back to the caves for help and leads John, Gorok, and Lok to the site. They soon trace the tribe to their campsite, where the girls are tied to a tree (and Glump has also been captured), led by the tribe's eerie screams which are meant to lead carnosaurs to them for the hunt. The trio of men attack the tribe to free the pair, but are beginning to be overpowered themselves, until two tyrannosaurs show up in response to the tribes calls. The two dinosaurs attack the tribe and, caught by surprise by the carnosaurs during their tussle with the cave dwellers, the tribe tries to flee, allowing the three men to escape with Katie and Tana.


Greg and Stegy show up at the end as well, leaving the fate of the Tribe That Eats Monsters in doubt.




Didja Know?


"The Tribe That Ate Monsters" is an 11-page story in Valley of the Dinosaurs #10.


Didja Notice?


Stegy, from the previous story in this issue, "Man's Worst Friend", appears again here.


Although they appear essentially human, the nomadic, dinosaur-hunting tribe has elongated upper canine teeth, appearing as fangs.


Some type of tailless, crestless pterosaur appears in panel 1 of page 3.


On page 6, panel 2, Glump appears to be "saying" (in dino-talk?), "Yiiiipee!" as he dashes to make an escape from the nomads. And on page 7, panel 2, Digger is "saying" (or thinking?), "Huh?" when the exhausted dog is asked to continue running after having just run back to the caves.


On page 6, panel 4, Digger runs past a Rhamphorhynchus and some type of sauropod dinosaur.


The two theropods who investigate the noise made by the nomads are said to be Tyrannosaurus rex, yet they are depicted with three-clawed forelimbs; T. rex had only two claws on the forelimbs.


Unanswered Questions


Why did the nomadic tribe kidnap Katie and Tana? Did they intend to turn them into a meal? Mate with them? Hold them for ransom?


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