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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Legend of Bigfoot "Legend of Bigfoot"
Valley of the Dinosaurs #1 (Charlton)
Writer and artist unknown (but story and art, including covers, for the series were by Fred Himes, according to Toons of Festology).


Tana is kidnapped by a "missing link" type of anthropoid.


Story Summary


Chasing a beautiful butterfly, Tana vanishes in the jungle. Greg, Digger, and Glump follow her trail and find her footprints stop where they meet a pair of huge humanoid prints from the opposite direction. Greg sends the two pets back to the village for help while he continues to follow the trail.


Digger and Glump soon bring John, Lok, and Katie back with them, meeting up again with Greg. They are faced by a huge "missing link" type of anthropoid. He immediately attacks the group and as they flee, the creature falls into a pit of quicksand. John's conscience will not let him leave the primitive humanoid to die, so he finds a strong vine and tosses it to him. The creature grabs the vine and is pulled out, quickly disappearing into the jungle again. But minutes later, he returns with Tana and hands her over, unharmed. John remarks that the primitive was at least developed enough to feel gratitude and compassion.




Didja Know?


"Legend of Bigfoot" is an 8-page story from Charlton's Valley of the Dinosaurs #1.


Didja Notice?


Page 3 of the story refers to the Valley of the Dinosaurs as an antediluvian paradise. The term "antediluvian" refers specifically to the period of time in the Bible between the creation of Earth and the great flood. In a more general sense, it has come to mean any period of time lost to history.


"Greg" is spelled "Gregg" in this story.


The "Bigfoot" presented in this story is more humanoid than the more apelike cryptozoological creature popularly referred to as Bigfoot in North America. 


Unanswered Questions


What did Bigfoot want with little Tana? It's never explained.


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