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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Duel With the Dragon Men Valley of the Dinosaurs
"Duel With the Dragon Men"

Valley of the Dinosaurs #10 (Charlton)
Art and Story: Unknown
October 1976


While collecting fruit, Greg, Kim, and Gara are accosted by the Dragon Men tribe.


Story Summary


While collecting fruit, Greg, Kim, and Gara are accosted by the Dragon Men tribe, who keep giant iguanas as pets to attack any who attempt to defy their orders in the Valley. But John is nearby and erupts out of the jungle to challenge the leader, Tyro, to hand-to-hand combat for the captives freedom. Tyro agrees but is quickly defeated by John's Judo skills and knocked unconscious. The Dragon Men free the captives and pick up their defeated leader, disappearing into the jungle.




Didja Know?


"Duel With the Dragon Men" is a 2-page text story in Valley of the Dinosaurs #10.


Didja Notice?


The Valley of the Dinosaurs has pear trees. Pear trees originated in Asia and spread to Europe. They are only known in the Americas as having been brought by immigrants from those foreign continents, so it seems somewhat strange that they are in the Valley of the Dinosaurs, which is not known to have been visited by immigrants until the recent Butler family!


The "giant, green iguanas" kept by the Dragon Men as pets and attack animals may be Komodo dragons, normally known from the Indonesian Islands.


John defeats Tyro with the martial art known as Judo. Judo is a Japanese martial art created by Jigoro Kano (1860-1938) in 1882.


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