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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: The Sanction V
"The Sanction"
Written by Brian Taggert
Directed by Bruce Seth Green
Original air date: November 16, 1984

Donovan rescues his son from the Visitor Youth Corps…but the boy doesn’t seem to want rescuing.

Didja Know?

Considering the martial arts skills of Klaus, I wonder if he was acquainted with the Visitor commander Fieh Chan from the V novels The Alien Swordmaster and Symphony of Terror?

Didja Notice?

During the Freedom Network broadcast, Howard K. Smith reports that the South China Peoples' Resistance is fighting the Visitor Third Corps along the Great Wall in China; an American resistance group is holding its ground against Visitor forces along the Gila River in Arizona; and a group of Grey Panthers smashes up the controls of 16 Visitors skyfighters in Charleston, South Carolina. These are all real world locations. (At the Database of Movie Dialogs, you can find a transcription of all the subtitles from V and other TV shows and movies. There I found some Freedom Network dialog that was apparently cut from the episode: "Meanwhile, heavy fighting is also being reported from Caracas, Venezuela over control of Lake Maracaibo and the many oil refineries there.")

The same Visitor writing is on a few signs in the basement of the Visitor L.A. embassy at the beginning of the episode. V writing

After bringing down the female Visitor in the basement of the embassy, Klaus rips off the false human skin of her face. As her reptilian mouth moves in pain, small, sharp teeth can be seen.
Visitor teeth

It seems odd that Klaus would have a big scar running down his fake human skin when the dermoplast can be cast with perfect features. I suppose he decided it would make him look that much more intimidating to humans and it's possible it is meant to reflect a real scar on his lizard face that he feels is a badge of honor.
Klaus' scar

Nathan Bates actually comes across somewhat likeably in his argument with Diana at the embassy in that he is disgusted at the Visitors' willingness to kill one of their own simply as a show of Klaus' prowess, leading Bates to balk at Diana's suggestion of a "discreet" security officer of theirs to track down resistance members in the city. He says, "I've seen enough discretion for one evening."

Tyler points out that Klaus is also known as the Exterminator by the Visitors. Tyler had experience with the killer before when he had business in Berlin before joining the L.A. group during the first Visitor invasion.

At 6:49 on the DVD, cans of Maxwell House coffee can be seen on the shelf behind Donovan at Club Creole.

At 7:40 on the DVD, Elizabeth is disappointed that Julie is not going to take her outside as promised, remarking she has been cooped up (in Club Creole) for weeks. She must not be accounting for her sojourn out into the world when the Resistance attempted to get her flown out of L.A. to New York in the previous episode "The Deception".

When Kyle rides up to Club Creole on his motorcycle, he is wearing a different helmet than he did in "The Deception" and is carrying a different passenger helmet as well.

When Kyle takes off from the club on his motorcycle with Elizabeth on the back, her helmet visor is still up. But a split-second later, it's down as he peels out into the street!

The van Donovan drives to the Visitor legation looks to be a Ford Econoline 150 series.

At 10:46 on the DVD, the Visitor gate guard bites the head off a mouse and chews it and then wolfs down the rest of the body rather than swallow the rodent whole. This was probably due to the producers wanting to avoid the expense of recreating the impressive swallowing effect scene in the original mini-series.

At 11:06 on the DVD, Classic Cinema and a place called Hurley's can be seen across the street from Club Creole. Mr. Chiang later refers to the cinema as Sixth Street Cinema.

During the shots of Elizabeth inside the cinema lobby, a number of celebrity photos and posters can be seen. At 11:52, a full-figure poster of Humphrey Bogart is seen. At 12:15, as the cinema manager is thrown against the wall by Elizabeth's telekinesis, a photo of Gary Cooper is seen, as well as some other stars not quite identifiable.

At 11:55 on the DVD, a store called Schroeppel's is seen across the street from the cinema.

As Kyle jumps back on his bike to rescue Elizabeth at the cinema, her helmet falls off the handlebar and is left behind.

There is Visitor writing painted on either side of the double doors leading into Klaus' martial arts classroom in the embassy basement at 13:23 on the DVD. V writing

The Visitor martial arts style taught by Klaus is called ravach.

All of the boys in Klaus' ravach class are seen to have a small metal tag pinned on their left ear, including Sean. Later we learn from him that it's a Visitor Youth Corp pin.

At the end of Klaus' ravach class, it sure is lucky for Donovan that Sean just happens to be the last one out the door so Donovan has a chance to grab and speak to his son with no one noticing.

There is Visitor writing next to the embassy main entrance at 15:13 on the DVD. V writing

One of the Visitor motorcycles has CA license plate 155216.

At 16:13 on the DVD, a Budget Rent-a-Truck is seen parked on the street during the Visitors' chase of Donovan. At 16:32 on the DVD, a Donovan speeds past a Westransco truck parked on the street. Seconds later, he passes a Salvation Army truck parked in an alley.

At 16:38 on the DVD, Donovan zooms past a Shoes 4 Less store. There are several of these stores in the L.A. area, but I've not been able to nail down where this one is/was located.

In a Bondian twist, Donovan has a van with a lever rigged next to the driver's seat which sprays motor oil out behind the moving vehicle to cause pursuers to lose control!

At 16:20 on the DVD, the license plate number on Donovan's van clearly reads 1H72820. But at 17:19, for a close up of the oil spraying out the back of the vehicle, the number now reads 8M7086! As if that's not bad enough, the same license plate of 8M7086 shows up seconds later on the parked vehicle that one of his Visitor motorcycle pursuers crashes into!
License plate 1 License plate 2
License plate 3 License plate 4

In this episode we are introduced to Bates' new head of security, Mr. Chiang. We are left without explanation as to what happened to Bates' previous security head, Roller, except for this ominous-sounding exchange:
Bates: Any problem with Roller?
Chiang: None, sir. He went peacefully.

Did Bates have Roller killed? If so, why? For failing to find Elizabeth as he'd been instructed? And if Bates did have him killed, it seems to make him a hypocrite in his earlier exchange with Diana when he witnesses Klaus kill the Visitor female at the beginning of the episode:
Bates: This was supposed to be a test.
Diana: It was. She failed. [...]Don't be put off, Nathan. It was just a drone. A conscript for our personal security. You have basic training for your army, don't you?
Bates: We don't kill them if they don't make it.

For God's sake, I wish the writers would make up their minds where the Club Creole is located! In "Dreadnought", Tyler says it is on 4th Street. In "The Deception", the fighter pilot tells Kyle to take the WLF pouch to the Club Creole on Main Street. And now, here, Mr. Chiang refers to trouble that took place at the Sixth Street Cinema...which was shown to be right across the street from the Club Creole! Yeesh.

Mr. Chiang refers to Elizabeth as being perhaps 16. How old is Kyle? It seems as if he's robbing the cradle just a little bit (and that's if you ignore the fact that only her accelerated growth spurts have made her look about 16...she's really less than 2 years old!).

At 19:14-20:04 on the DVD, while Elias is talking on the phone, behind him, Willie is pouring ingredients into a blender to make a smoothie. He puts in what appears to be cranberry juice, one raw egg, Tabasco sauce, and a jar of pickled peppers! Which he then blends and gulps down himself. After the drink he almost appears inebriated!

What are Julie and Bates discussing as the scene at Science Frontiers begins at 23:22 on the DVD? Julie is showing Bates a text printout and saying, " can see the difference here. I altered the DNA pattern just a little bit and the results remain the same." Is she talking about research on a new type of red dust? Recall that Bates promoted her to a position as head of a research team to develop a new form of the bacteria to use against the Visitors that will not have the harmful side-effects to Earth life that have been discovered (and possibly also able to survive long-term in temperate environments) in the episode "Breakout". Notice that Julie suddenly tells Bates "this can wait" when Diana unexpectedly enters the office.

At 23:45 on the DVD, it can be seen that Julie is wearing a Science Frontiers symbol pin
on the collar of her lab coat.
Julie's SF symbol pin

At 25:02 on the DVD, Klaus removes his right hand. Was it a bionic hand? He replaces it with a sort of electro-whip, so it seems there is a power source available through the metallic stump of his arm.

At 25:54 on the DVD, Donovan shows Sean a photo of them together with Sean's mother. The woman in the photo is Joanna Kerns, who played Donovan's ex-wife in the original mini-series.
The Donovans

If Klaus is the martial arts master claimed by the Visitors, it seems unlikely that Donovan could defeat him as easily as he does (twice!). Donovan's athletic enough to be good in a brawl, but we never get an indication that he could really stand up to a skilled martial artist. And later, Sean, a mere short-time student of Klaus' (and only 15 years old), is able to take down Ham Tyler with one punch!

At 27:22 on the DVD, Tyler picks up Sean in a '70s era Chevy Big Ugly Sedan.
Chevy Big Ugly Sedan

In the morning, having apparently spent the night in the wilderness in hiding from Visitor patrols, Kyle brings Elizabeth something to eat, wrapped in a handkerchief, saying he thought she might like some breakfast. We don't really see what it is, but at 29:23 on the DVD, it appears that Elizabeth's is rolling a berry between her fingers, but it's subtle.

At 32:20 on the DVD, a worker from the Equestrian Center drives Kyle and Elizabeth to a drop-off near Kyle's hidden motorcycle in what looks to be a '70s era Chevy pick-up.

There is Visitor writing on the outer wall of the main gate to the Visitor embassy at 34:46 on the DVD. V writing
There is also Visitor writing on the inner wall of the main gate to the Visitor embassy at 37:41 on the DVD. V writing

Ham Tyler seems to have a habit of lying to cover his shortcomings and mistakes. In earlier episodes he's omitted the fact that he was responsible for faking Diana's assassination and abducting her (which eventually led to her escape and the return of the Visitors to Earth). Now, here he tells Donovan that after he found Sean near the safe house the boy hit him with something to escape...omitting that he was merely hit with the boy's fist!

There is a Visitor sign in the basement of the embassy from 35:47-35:53 on the DVD, but it is always obstructed or blurry.

The van Tyler drives as he gas grenades the Visitor legation is a very beat up Dodge A100 Custom Sportsman (possibly 1965).

After Donovan sneaks onto the grounds of the Visitor embassy, at 37:31 on the DVD he is startled by a small dog's head sculpture on a courtyard wall! It happens so quickly you could miss it, but once you see it it's a pretty amusing moment.

Despite the procol drug that keeps Sean loyal to the Visitors, he does seem to be torn between his loyalty and respect for both his father and Klaus. Notice that when Donovan and Klaus confront each other in the ravach room at 37:53 on the DVD, Sean tries to grab/push both of them away from each before they can use their weapons against each other.

There is Visitor writing on a Visitor Youth Corps poster at 38:13 on the DVD. Visitor Youth Corp Poster

Due to the low budget of the weekly series, most of the depictions of the Visitors' reptilian faces are not nearly as impressive as what was seen in the two mini-series. But Klaus' charred face after Donovan electrocutes him looks pretty good.
Klaus' charred face

When Diana appears at 39:30 on the DVD, she is already carrying a laser pistol in her hand as Sean and his father suddenly come running into the corridor and see her. Why is it already in her hand? Why was she already prepared for a confrontation?

There is a Visitor sign at 39:33 on the DVD. Notice that this sign is only slightly different than the ones seen earlier at the beginning of the episode. V writing

As Donovan escapes from the embassy, there are a couple of Visitor signs visible at 39:45 and 39:54 on the DVD. Notice that the first sign here is an upside-down version of the one above, minus the black character. V writing   V writing

At 40:19 on the DVD, the address of the Club Creole appears to be 720. So, it's located at 720 4th Street or Main Street or 6th Street!
Club Creole

Memorable Dialog

humorless harm.wav
I wasn't born last night.wav
he won't need any help.wav
an unstable personality.wav
he's gonna get you killed.wav
your students are more resourceful.wav
teach me.wav
you are tenacious.wav
sweetness and light.wav
8-year-olds aren't my style.wav
I got no taste for blood money.wav

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