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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: Welcome to the War V
"Welcome to the War"
Written by Scott Rosenbaum
Directed by Yves Simoneau
Original air date: March 30, 2010

Erica struggles to get her son back from the mothership without blowing her resistor cover; Father Jack gets healed by V's; a mercenary finds himself in the sights of both the resistance and the Visitors.

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Didja Know?

Starting with this episode, the producers reduced the frequency of news crawls at the bottom of the TV screens when Prime Focus or other news programs are shown. I guess they got tired of having to write all those headlines!

Didja Notice?

The assassin who attacks Erica reveals a primitive sort of V weapon...a switchblade!
Visitor switchblade
During Erica's battle with the assassin we learn that the Visitors' hearts are on the right-hand side of their chests.

At 12:17 in the episode, can you spot the sponsor?
spot the sponsor
When Georgie learns that Father Jack has been attacked and injured, he asks to which hospital he's been taken. Father Travis replies, "Not a hospital. The V healing center. I took him where I know he would be saved." It's an ironic way of stating it considering the word "saved" is also used to denote having found God in religion, at a church. Is it a clue of what Jack will be going through? If the R6 formula begins to turn Jack into an alien as hinted at later in the episode, is that what Father Travis really means by "saved"? The hints continue to build that Father Travis is either a Visitor or a convert.

The Visitors plant false evidence to implicate a mercenary named Kyle Hobbes. Is the name "Kyle" an homage to the character of Kyle Bates in the original V series?

From Anna's dialog, the V's seem afraid that Hobbes could become a leader of the resistance and teach them how to fight effectively. Why? What is so special about him? Is he a rogue V? The FBI does say that Hobbes is at the head of pretty much every law enforcement agency's "most wanted" list and that he is former British SAS (Special Air Service, a special forces regiment), the guy countries would send in to train rebels when they needed a convenient uprising.

At 19:01 in the episode, are the jellyfish in the cylindrical aquarium alien jellyfish? Or just the Earth variety? They seem to have some glowing rings in the middle which may suggest alien origination.
During the distance shot at 19:11 in the episode, as Anna approaches the table for her meal with Chad, a bird appears to be flying up from the "park" area of the ship. Again the question is asked: is this an alien bird? Did the Visitors bring a zoo of extraterrestrial animals to Earth?

The table at which Anna and Chad are dining has no legs! Apparently it is suspended by a force field or antigravity technology.

When Erica looks up Hobbes in Maddox's old database, it shows his last known address as 1402 Ellridge Ave., New York, NY 10028. But when she goes to pay him a visit, she goes to a building at 40 Ellridge. After arriving, she even describes the address as 40 Ellridge when she calls in her FBI cohorts to bring him in. There is no such address as Ellridge Avenue in New York City. 10028 is, however, one of the zip codes of New York City.

At 22:22 in the episode, Father Jack has a nightmare of transforming into a reptilian.

Tyler is placed inside a "memory chamber" on the mothership while Anna and Lisa search his mind. Tyler lies flat on a platform while dozens of his childhood memories float around him. It seems that both he and Anna and Lisa, observing through a window outside, can see these images of his memories. It reminds me of the "memory machine" that appeared in several issues of Marvel's Battlestar Galactica comic book in the 1970s (see "The Memory Machine" for the start of the storyline).

At 29:49 in the episode, Erica remarks that, when fighting Anna, they can't bring knives to a gun fight. Ironically, the Visitors seem to prefer fighting with blades during hand-to-hand combat!

At 30:39 in the episode, Erica says, "Welcome to the war." Take a drink.

At 33:17 in the episode, there is Visitor writing on the holographic readout screen, seen in reverse. Inverting the screen and translating the characters, the top line reads "SEATTLE WA". The line below it doesn't seem to spell anything real. The red bar in about the middle of the screen doesn't seem to spell anything either: RESVWS (possibly a joke reference to "reverse views"?). From the top line, it seems Seattle, Washington is part of the R6 plan, but it may not necessarily be an integral clue, as we see hundreds of such screens; perhaps each screen represents another city in which the R6 plan is being rolled out.
V writing

At 33:28 in the episode, we see one last holoscreen with an image of Father Jack on it. The top line translates as "JACK LANDRY". The other characters are too blurred to make an accurate translation.

Is it just coincidence that the camera shot at 34:36 in the episode shows lights that look a bit like some kind of crouching beast waiting to make a kill? Crouching Lizard, Hidden Dragon?
Crouching Lizard, Hidden Dragon
As Joshua debriefs Anna's potential mates on the importance of their task, he says, "The very survival of our species will depend on one of you. The queen commands it." Then Anna walks in among the recruits. This seems to imply that Anna is more than the commander of the Earth fleet, but the queen of the species.

Anna seems to use her olfactory sense to make the final choice of who is to be her mate for the creation of an army.

At the beginning of the episode, Erica uses the framed photo of herself and Tyler as a weapon to smash into the head of the assassin. At 35:31 in the episode, we see her taping the corner back onto the photo and placing it in a new frame.

When Tyler returns home for an emotional reunion with his mom, he informs her he has joined the V peace ambassadors and pulls out his uniform from his backpack. Erica realizes it is now monitoring them (from her discovery in "A Bright New Day"). So she can't say anything negative to her son about the Visitors while the uniform coat is nearby.

Visitor writing appears on the holoscreen showing Tyler's coat transmission aboard the mothership. But the words at the top of the image translate as "COREY RYAN", not Tyler Evans! WTF? Did early V scripts have this as the character's name and it was later changed to Tyler Evans?

The scene of the pregnant Valerie holding up the dead mouse is an amusing homage to scenes from the original V series.

When Anna performs the physical act of mating with her chosen soldier, why does she turn his head away from her? Does she not want him to see the act as it happens? Why? Especially since she's going to kill him anyway!

When Anna goes all black widow on her mate, we see a huge mouthful of sharp, spiny teeth. Do all of the Visitors have the same set of dentures? Or is she unique in that she is the queen of the species? In the insect world, the queen of the colony or hive (such as ants or bees) have more pronounced morphologic differences from the other castes. It also looks like she may have a double row of these teeth; in several of the novels based on the original V, the Visitors are described as possessing a double row of teeth. (In later episodes, it is implied that all Visitors have these wicked fangs hidden under their human disguises.)
Memorable Dialog

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