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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: There is No Normal Anymore V
"There Is No Normal Anymore"
Written by Scott Peters and Sam Egan
Directed by Yves Simoneau
Original air date: November 10, 2009

Decker decides to take a hard line on Anna on his next broadcast; Erica is pressed by her superiors on her partner's disappearance.

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This episode introduces FBI Agent Sarita Malik, portrayed by Rekha Sharma. Malik is revealed in a later episode to herself be a Visitor masquerading as human. The same actress portrayed Tory Foster in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series, who is eventually revealed to be a humanoid Cylon!

Didja Notice?

At 2:53-3:13 in the episode, we see the POV screen of a V seeker probe as it chases Erica and Father Jack. The same Visitor alphabetic characters we saw on a seeker screen in "Pilot" appear here.

When Erica faces the fact that her partner of 7 years, Agent Maddox, was a Visitor, she realizes that anyone could be a Visitor. This is similar to the "who are you really?" paranoia-inducing realizations gained by the characters that appeared in such classic sci-fi films as John Carpenter's The Thing and the Invasion of the Body Snatchers original movie and remakes.

During her morning shower, Erica has a vision of Maddox holding her own gun to her son's head. Is this a true vision of significance for we, the viewers, to keep in mind? Or just a way to represent Erica remembering that she left her gun behind in Maddox's car the night before?

As the camera moves through the FBI office at 10:04-10:08 in the episode, there is a woman in a yellow shirt sitting at a desk on the right-hand side of the screen. On her computer monitor, an animated diagram of a Visitor mothership can be seen.

At 10:12 in the episode, we see that Erica has walked past the woman in a yellow shirt. Then at 10:17 we are shown Erica walking past her again!

FBI Assistant Director Kendrick says that half his team has been reassigned to the FBI's Visitor Threat Assessment Joint Task Force.

At 10:39 in the episode there is a nice, subtle shot of a flock of birds flying underneath the looming mothership.

Agent Malik mentions to Father Jack that the man who died of a knife wound in his Church (in "Pilot") had been on an FBI list for having made dozens of calls to them over the years about a supposed alien invasion.

As already mentioned in the episode study of "Pilot", the warehouse at which the resistance recruitment meeting took place was at 4400 Pier Avenue, an allusion to Scott Peters' previous series The 4400.

In the sequence from 14:36-14:49 in the episode, we see motherships hovering over Japan (presumably Tokyo) and Mexico City (identified by the presence of the Metropolitan Cathedral).

At 14:51 in the episode, the news crawl at the bottom of the television screen is too blurry to identify other than the words "at the UN Building".

At 14:59 in the episode, the news crawl at the bottom of the television screen reads "...from reporters at the U.N. Building in New York. U.N. Secretary..."

In all of his discussions with Father Jack, Father Travis is always on the pro-Visitor side. Is he already converted? Or, possibly, a Visitor himself? We've no evidence of conversion technology among the Visitors in this series so far, but there is an emphasis on the aliens having been on Earth clandestinely for decades. Perhaps series developer Scott Peters is using the early placement of Visitors on Earth in place of the conversion theme of the original series.

At 19:00 in the episode, Anna's assistant, Marcus, views footage from the seeker probe that attacked the resistance meeting in  "Pilot". The Visitor alphabetic characters that appear on the screen appear to be the same ones we've seen previously.

During the scene outside the Visitor peace embassy at 22:21 in the episode, one of the signs being held up by the protesters says "Trojan Horse". That is probably a good way of putting the Visitors' arrival to our world.
Trojan horse
At 23:53 in the episode, we see a V "repair kit" that heals the cloned human skin over a Visitor body.
V repair kit

When Ryan goes to Angelo to get his human skin patched up, he says, "You looked up in the sky lately? Wasn't supposed to happen yet." Apparently the Visitor motherships have arrived early! Why? Has the situation on their world grown more dire unexpectedly?

At 29:07 in the episode, the news crawl at the bottom of the Visitor holoscreen reads, "answers tough questions from reporters at U.N. Building..."

At 30:13 in the episode, Erica speaks the episode's title, "There Is No Normal Anymore." Take a drink.

Angelo says Ryan's fiancée's name is Valerie Stevens, but I have found other sources calling her character Valerie Holt. But the series itself takes precedence, so Valerie Stevens she is from here on!

The Visitor peace embassy has a sign/symbol mounted at the front that is basically a stylized V! We will also see it on the backs of Visitor uniforms in later episodes.
V symbol

At 38:18 in the episode, the news crawl at the bottom of the television screen reads, "U.N. Secretary declares meeting with Anna a..."

At 39:35 in the episode, Erica remarks to Jack that there are probably Visitors on the FBI's Visitor Task Force. This will turn out to be true in "Hearts and Minds".

When Erica sticks Maddox's photo in the shredder, it doesn't do a very good job of shredding. It only shreds into strips instead of crosscut shredding, so it would be easy to put back together. You'd think an FBI agent with access to confidential documents would use a crosscut shredder. Although, why did she bother shredding it anyway? It seems to have been merely a symbolic gesture of her dismissing her traitorous partner from her life.

Memorable Dialog

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