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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Square Triangle UFO
"The Square Triangle"

TV episode
Teleplay by: Alan Patillo
Directed by: David Lane


Straker allows a UFO to land in southern England, with the intention of capturing it.


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Near the beginning of the episode, the three Interceptors lift off from Moonbase armed with the usual missile in the nose of the craft, in preparation to intercept the approaching UFO. But when Commander Straker nullifies the intercept and orders the ships back to base, the Interceptors no longer have their missiles even though they never fired them!


SHADO control pinpoints the UFO landing site in southern England, near the towns of Clare Cross and Lingbury. As far as I can tell, these are fictional locations.


In this episode, the Mobiles are transported on a truck with the logo Markers Universal on the side. This appears to be a fictional transportation company. Underneath the logo, the company's locations are designated as London, Manchester, and Cardiff; these are all cities within the UK. The main business address shown is too blurry to read, but it appears to be on East Park Avenue, London; Park Avenue is a real street in London.


Being attacked by the dog, the alien falls face-first onto a rock, smashing his faceplate with the sound of shattering glass and allowing the breathing fluid to drain out. But wouldn't the faceplate of the spacesuit of an advanced alien race be made out of sturdier material than mere glass?


The hole in the alien's faceplate is quite a bit smaller in the shot at 19:50 on the DVD than it was when the break occurred earlier.


At 21:42 on the DVD, a fire extinguishing canister is seen along the dashboard of SHADO 1 that wasn't there in previous scenes.


At 23:05 on the DVD, Cass appears to turn off the shower as he finishes bathing, but the water doesn't entirely stop, the flow just decreases. We can see the water still streaming out into the shower stall behind him, and even continue to hear it, as Cass dries himself off.


Over the phone, Liz's husband reminds her of a recent visit to Burlington Arcade and a blue pendant she saw there that she wanted. Burlington Arcade is a real world covered shopping center in London, built in 1819.


At the UFO landing site, Foster reports in to Straker that they've found the missing game warden's Alsatian dog in the blue area. "Alsatian" is another name for the German Shepherd breed of dog.


What is the strange sound heard at 34:08 on the DVD that alerts Liz and Cass to the arrival of the alien? It sounds like an exotic bird or something, but is it meant to be the voice of the alien? Listen: strange sound. The sound is suspiciously similar to the sound previously heard by Mrs. Roper in "Flight Path".


The waiting room Liz and Cass are brought to in SHADO Control appears to be a redressing of the set of Straker's office.


After having them brought to SHADO Control, Straker tells Liz and Cass they will have to take SHADO's amnesia drug to make them forget their alien encounter, everything they've seen of SHADO, and the past 12 hours, saying, "It's tasteless." It sure is.


The ending credits of this episode do not feature the usual pullback through space from Earth. Instead, it features Liz visiting a grave site and then walking away and meeting with Cass. Presumably, the two carried through with their plan to murder her husband. Notice that the more sinister-sounding aspect of the closing theme music cuts in just as Cass walks out from behind the church to meet Liz. Very nice editing! 





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