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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Cat With Ten Lives UFO
"The Cat With Ten Lives"

TV episode
Teleplay by: David Tomblin
Directed by: David Tomblin


Dr. Jackson comes up with a new theory about the origin of the aliens.


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A manned Venus probe appears in this episode. Another one is seen later in "Scanner Shut-Down".




This episode reveals that Moonbase has mobile rocket-launching vehicles for defending the station against attack by UFOs.

Rocket-launching vehicle on the Moon


Colonel Virginia Lake appears again for the first time since "Identified".


The scattering of film shots from 5:49-6:16 on the DVD are previews of events to come within the episode.


At 7:52 on the DVD, notice that the small window in the martial arts room appears to open into one of the Interceptor bays, as an Interceptor is visible through it. This implies it is an underground area of Moonbase. View into Interceptor bay


At 10:20 on the DVD, notice there is a wine bottle hanging on the exterior wall of the check-in point!


Checking with his friend at the security checkpoint, Regan mentions Dan Dare. Dan Dare is a British science-fiction comic strip hero created by Frank Hampton in 1950. The character has been described as a British Buck Rogers.


Early in the episode, Regan's wife calls him Methuselah. Methuselah is the grandfather of Noah in the Bible and is allegedly the oldest man to ever live, at 969 years, according to most versions of the book.


The shots of the cat exiting Straker's office into SHADO headquarters at 22:53 and into Miss Holland's reception area at 41:18 have been transposed, so the cat is walking into the wrong area in both shots.


At 31:18 on the DVD, a cylinder labeled GYRO PILOT is visible in the cockpit of the Interceptor. A gyro-pilot is an automatic pilot found in aircraft.


Miss Holland fills in as Straker's secretary in Ms. Ealand's absence this episode. Holland is played by Lois Maxwell (1927-2007), best known as M's secretary, Miss Moneypenny, in the first fourteen James Bond films from Dr. No to A View to a Kill (1962-1985).


Miss Holland remarks to Straker that the Harlington-Straker studio just finished filming The Rebels of Santo Domingo.


At 41:50 on the DVD, we can see a wire holding the foreground Interceptor model as it passes in front of the Venus probe.


At 42:39 on the DVD, we can see that a panel in Regan's Interceptor has the words "Shado Research Labs" in the bottom left corner. 


At 44:04 on the DVD, Miss Holland has a rather long ACE bandage wrapped around her right arm. Presumably it is due to the scratch given to her by the cat she found under the desk earlier in the episode.




Who sent the Ouija cards to the Thompsons? Why would use of the Ouija have any connection to the aliens?


This is the only episode that directly suggests, in the form of Dr. Jackson's speculation, that the aliens may have no bodies of their own. Are the aliens incorporeal in their true state?




they didn't lose all those craft just to give up.wav

a week ago when I was a young man.wav

we've all believed they were humanoid.wav

it's possible that these creatures are not humanoid at all.wav

they may have no physical being at all.wav

living computers.wav 


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