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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: The Alien Heart Attack UFO
"The Alien Heart Attack"
Countdown #41, November 26, 1971
Writer: Unknown
Art: Unknown (The former Technodelic website states it is Rab Hamilton)


The aliens kidnap a human heart specialist to perform surgery on one of their own.


Read the Technodelic story summary at the Internet Archive




This is a 6-page, self-contained story in Countdown #41, November 19, 1971.




The fourth UFO lands on the grounds of a mansion in Sussex. Sussex is a county in southeastern England.


This story reveals that Sir Richard Conroy is Earth's leading heart specialist at the time.


On page 3, panel 4, Foster is apparently shot through the windshield of the Mobile. So, how is it that he is lying on the ground outside the mansion in panel 7? There's no reason for Straker to have dragged him out of the vehicle.


On page 3, panel 8, the launching of Sky 1 is accompanied by the caption "Sky 1 is go!" This may be a nod to Gerry Anderson's 1965-1966 Supermarionation series Thunderbirds, which frequently used the phrase "Thunderbirds are go!"


On page 4, it seems unlikely that a single shot from an alien rifle could bring down Sky 1 so quickly.


On page 4, panel 5, Straker is depicted flying the SHADO rescue plane himself. We've never seen any indication before that he was a pilot. 




Why did the aliens need a human heart surgeon for their comrade? It's been established since "Identified" that they have superior organ transplant capability already.


Why did the Sussex UFO fly away at the end of the story instead of self-destructing as others left behind have in the past? Was there something important about this particular craft? Was someone still aboard?


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