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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Smash and Grab UFO
"Smash and Grab"
Countdown Annual 1973
Writer: Unknown
Artist: John Burns


A pair of hoodlums steal SHADO 2 to aid in a heist.


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This is an 8-page story that appeared in Countdown Annual 1973.




In this story, Straker is depicted with blond hair instead of platinum.


The two hoodlums who have hijacked the SHADO mobile use it to stop an armored van from Sekurite Limited and steal the Ascot Motor Company's payroll from it. These both appear to be fictional companies, though there were a couple of British automobiles called the Ascot in the early half of the 20th Century.


The armored van (actually more of a panel truck) is seen to be a Ford on page 4 of the story. PopApostle reader Jim points out that the truck appears to be a Ford Transit Mark I.

Ford Transit Mark I


On page 5, the mobile's cannon appears to emanate from the front grill. I was unaware there was a weapon there!


On page 7, we can make out that the mobile in this story is SHADO 2.


Straker remarks that they'll deliver the surviving hoodlum over to the local police before heading back to HQ. What are the police going to say about the man's story of a UFO killing his partner? Is Straker going to administer the amnesia drug to him first?


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