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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Shock-Wave UFO
Countdown #51-52, February 5 - February 12, 1972
Writer: Unknown
Art: Martin Asbury


The aliens invent a nearly indestructible spacesuit that protects the wearer.


Read the Technodelic story summary at the Internet Archive




This is a 6-page story featured in Countdown #51-52, February 5 - February 12, 1972.




The nearly-indestructible spacesuit worn by the alien in this story has a slightly different look than the normal alien spacesuits. Notice that the chest nodule appears to be centered rather than on the left side and larger than the normal one.

new alien spacesuit


In the last panel of page 3 of the story, one can just barely see the indication on Straker's right arm that he has the (hidden) flight pack's launch control stick in hand.


The top of panel 2 on page 5 of the story reveals that Straker is leading the alien on a chase along the M23 motorway. This is an actual motorway near London which runs into Sussex County, just as depicted within this story.


Page 5 of the story states that Straker is leading the alien in a car chase at speeds of nearly 200 mph in SHADOcars! The "Shadocars" article in the 1970 UFO Annual published by Polystyle Publications reveals that SHADOcars are capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph.


Page 6 of the story reveals that Straker's SHADOcar has an ejection seat for the driver. Do all SHADOcars come so equipped? 


What is the reason for the odd sky background on the alien homeworld seen in panel 8 of page 6 of the story? Is it just an abstract background used as artistic license? Or is it meant to suggest something about the alien world? Also, notice that the buildings appear to be the same ones seen on the alien homeworld in the earlier-published but chronologically-later story, "Homeworld", though the latter story has a normal-looking blue sky. A similar shot is also seen later in "The Renegade".
Alien homeworld Alien city UFO and alien city
Scene from "Shock-Wave" Scene from "Homeworld" Scene from "The Renegade" 




Why would the aliens seemingly abandon the nearly-indestructible spacesuit worn by the alien in this story? Sure, Skydiver 1 finally killed the alien wearing it by shooting him with a missile packing a powerful electron charge, but the suit was still pretty damn effective against traditional handguns, SHADO Mobile gun mounts, and the aliens' own weapons blasts!


Why was this story titled "Shock-Wave"? Is it a reference to the electron charge of the Skydiver missile that finally takes out the alien?


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