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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Kill Straker! UFO
"Kill Straker!"

TV episode
Teleplay by: Donald James
Directed by: Alan Perry


Straker comes under attack from two of his own men.


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Straker remarks that he's given ten years of his life setting up and running SHADO. Since SHADO is said to have been approved in November 1970 in "Confetti Check A-O.K.", that suggests this episode takes place in 1980 or '81. But Paul Foster didn't become a SHADO operative until about March 1981. Yet, here in our current episode, Foster is obviously now a trusted and experienced member of the organization, implying it is some time later, past 1981. The best I can determine from what we know of the UFO timeline, this episode must take place sometime from 1982-1984.




At 7:46 on the DVD, none of the Interceptor pilots scrambled to target the incoming UFO are Lt. Mark Bradley. Yet, he is seen as one of the pilots just seconds later!


At Moonbase, at 9:52 on the DVD, Foster appears to be getting his coffee from the Russian Meal slot, rather than the American one. I suppose he'd be free to choose, but it seems a little odd.


Straker reveals to Freeman that he plans to ask for money to set up four new, fully-automated moonbases over the next ten years. He believes that a mass attack by the aliens is in the cards.


At about 28:03 on the DVD, a shadow moves across the top-left portion of the screen in the Command Sphere. It was probably from a boom mic recording the sounds of the scene behind camera.


Straker remarks to Foster that there has been a marked falloff of UFO sightings. He believes it is due to preparations for a much larger operation; this is why he wants to build more moonbases. Possibly, the falloff in sightings could be construed as having begun in "E.S.P.", where Freeman remarks that UFO activity has been quiet for the past month.


Foster douses a single console in the Command Sphere with a cup of coffee and seemingly the entire Moonbase is plunged into near darkness. It seems unlikely that a single console would cause such a massive short in the overall system. 




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