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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

UFO: Dig for Danger UFO
"Dig for Danger"
TV Action Holiday Special 1973
Writer: Unknown
Artist: Martin Asbury (the very last panel of the story is initialed M.A.)


Colonel Foster becomes trapped in an abandoned mine being used as a hideout by the aliens.


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This is an 8-page story that appeared in Countdown Annual 1973.


This is the second time the aliens have made use of old mine shafts. The first was in "The Haunted Mine".




At the beginning of the story, a UFO descends to the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are a major mountain range in the western portion of North America.


The Mobile in this story was carrying seven SHADO personnel! In the TV series we saw only two people in one at any time, in the cab. It's possible that besides the large, mounted weapons kept under the ceiling in the bed of the Mobile, it may be capable of holding a number of personnel as well.


The aliens hide out in an old mine in Hamer's Gorge. This appears to be a fictional location in the Rockies.


On page 6, one of the gold miners declares that the old mine cave-in has uncovered the richest quartz he's ever seen. Gold is often found in veins of quartz.


After Foster is rescued from the mine cave-in, his thoughts reveal that the miners who rescued him in exchange for a claim of the new gold strike won't discover the buried aliens inside the mine because the deposits are all higher up the mountain. But how does he, or the miners, know that? It seems quite possible the miners might try to dig up that old mine tunnel as well!


Notice that in the bottom right corner of page 8 of the story are the initials M.A., most likely indicating this strip was drawn by occasional UFO artist Martin Asbury.




What were the aliens doing in the Rocky Mountains? What was the signaling computer they had set up in the mine? We are given no answers.


What was Foster doing in the Rockies with a Mobile crew in the first place? SHADO must have had some inkling already that there was UFO activity there in the first place, but we're not told.


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