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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Twin Peaks: Wounds and Scars Twin Peaks
Episode 24: "Wounds and Scars"
TV episode
Written by Barry Pullman
Directed by James Foley
Original air date: March
28, 1991


Annie, Norma’s sister from the convent, arrives; Cooper learns a strange fact about Josie’s corpse and finds she has an Interpol dossier; Catherine receives a gift from the late Mr. Eckhardt; Cooper, Briggs, and the Log Lady compare notes.


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Didja Know?


For the titles of the Twin Peaks TV episodes, I have taken the unique approach of using both the episode numbers, which were the only titles given the scripts by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, and the translated German titles of the episodes that were assigned when the series aired in that country. Frequent readers of PopApostle know I like the aesthetic of actual episode titles, but I also wanted to honor the simple numbering used by Lynch and Frost, hence the expanded titles presented in these studies.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Sheriff Truman

Josie Packard (deceased, seen in flashback)

Deputy Hawk

Norma Jennings

Windom Earle

Annie Blackburn


Major Briggs

Shelly Johnson

Vivian Niles (Norma and Annie's mother, mentioned only)

Dale Cooper

Windom Earle

Leo Johnson

Audrey Horne

Dick Tremayne

Tim Pinkle

John Justice Wheeler (Jack)

Catherine Martell


Thomas Eckhardt (deceased, mentioned only)

Donna Hayward

Dr. Hayward

Eileen Hayward

Dr. Gerald Craig (alias used by Windom Earle)

Pete Martell

Lucy Moran

Deputy Andy

Log Lady

Ed Hurley

Nadine Hurley (née Butler)

Dr. Jacoby

Randy St. Croix

Mike Nelson

The Hinkmans (married alias used by Mike and Nadine)

Susan (Mike's classmate from school)

Ben Horne 


Notes from the Log Lady intros


When cable channel Bravo obtained the rights to air reruns of Twin Peaks in 1993, David Lynch directed all-new introductions to each episode featuring the Log Lady, portrayed by original actress Catherine E. Coulson. These intros also appear as options on the DVD and Blu-ray collections of the series.


"Sometimes--well, let's say all times--things are changing. We
are judged as human beings on how we treat our fellow human beings.
How do you treat your fellow human beings? At night, just before
sleep, as you lay by yourself in the dark, how do you feel about
yourself? Are you proud of your behavior? Are you ashamed of
your behavior? You know in your heart if you have hurt someone.
You know. If you have hurt someone, don't wait another day before
making things right. The world could break apart with sadness
in the meantime."


Didja Notice?


The "Previously on Twin Peaks" segment at the beginning of this episode is longer and more detailed than usual, due to the ABC network having put the series on hiatus for 6 weeks due to low ratings. This segment is narrated by Kyle MacLachlan as if Cooper were dictating a new recording to Diane, detailing events since Episode 17: "Dispute Between Brothers". I'm not sure this "recording" could really be counted as an actual recording by Cooper in-universe; he uses the episode's airdate, Thursday, March 28, instead of the in-universe date of Tuesday, March 21. If he were actually recording it on March 28 (1989) it would be a Tuesday...and it would be two days after the BOB-possessed doppelganger of Cooper emerged from the Black Lodge and took Cooper's place (in Episode 29: "Beyond Life and Death")! This particular "previously" segment aired only in the U.S. version at the time. It's presented below for those who would like to ponder whether it should be considered an actual in-universe recording by Cooper. Cooper's remark that he finds himself "suffused with a vague sense of contentment; a premonition of happiness," is an allusion to the arrival of Annie Blackburn to Twin Peaks, whom he meets for the first time in this episode.  

March 28th, Thursday night.


Diane, I want to bring you up to speed on a few recent developments.


Nadine Hurley, 35 years old, persists in the belief that she is a high school girl.

She has apparently fallen in love with Mike Nelson, high school varsity star.


Word has it that Bobby Briggs is shacked up with Shelly the waitress.

Shelly's husband, Leo, has awakened from his coma and is somewhere in the woods.

Ben Horne has suddenly become an environmentalist, and enlisted the aid of trusted friend

John Justice Wheeler to help him save the pine weasel.

As for me...I find myself suffused with a vague sense of contentment; a premonition of happiness.

I hope I will be ready when it comes.


Meanwhile, there's Windom Earle, my former partner. Windom continues to play his deadly game of chess.

Deadly, Diane, because every time he removes a piece from the board, Earle takes a human life.

I have enlisted the aid of chess champion Pete Martell, in hopes of formulating a stalemate game.

In the meantime, I can only wait for Earle's next move.

Major Briggs has returned from his disappearance in the woods, but remembers nothing.

He cannot explain the mysterious tattoo on his neck.

Diane, Josie Packard is dead, possibly from fear. And while I am absolutely certain that she tried to take my life,

I feel both sadness and even sympathy.

Sheriff Truman is suffering terribly as a result.

When Josie died, I saw a vision, revealing BOB, and the midget from my dream.

Windom Earle...BOB...the there a connection, Diane?
Do these events foretell BOB's return? I hope not...for all our sakes.



This episode opens on Tuesday, March 21, 1989. 


As the episode opens, Truman is drinking a whiskey breakfast in a glass from the same Jack Daniel's bottle seen in both the Roadhouse (in Episode 12: "The Orchid's Curse") and Bobby's bottle at Shelly's house (in Episode 13: "Demons")! The same bottle is seen again next to Truman's bed at the Bookhouse in Episode 25: "On the Wings of Love"...this bottle of Jack sure gets around! And Truman kind of shrugs off the specially-prepared breakfast from Norma that Hawk brings him...he's being an ass due to his heartache over Josie's death in Episode 23: "The Condemned Woman"; I understand his grief, but if a woman like Norma was fixing a special breakfast for me in my time of suffering, I'd eat it! (Although, I don't know what's so "made special" about the meal as shown; it looks like it would be a standard breakfast served at the diner, a plate of scrambled eggs, hash browns, a few strips of bacon, toast, and small paper cup of hot sauce or ketchup.)
Roadhouse bottle Bobby's bottle Truman's bottle
Roadhouse bottle Bobby's bottle Truman's bottle


Is it just me, or does the close up of Truman during his Josie reverie look like monkey Jesus?
Monkey Truman Monkey Jesus
Monkey Truman Monkey Jesus


Hawk gives Truman a pseudo-Bookhouse Boys sign with his finger to his temple as he leaves.


As Annie walks in the door of the RR at 3:27 on the Blu-ray, notice she is wearing a necklace with a cross pendant, a sign of her Christian religious background. She has just spent 5 years in a convent, now returning to the secular world.


At 3:32 on the Blu-ray, a small plaque on the wall of the RR behind Annie may be a Rotary Club award.


As Annie enters the dining room of the RR, notice that Toad is leaving and he turns his head to look at her and check her out as she walks by! Who can blame him? 


The file Cooper is reading at the sheriff's desk at 5:05 on the Blu-ray has a cover folder reading, "Interpol--Warning! This folder contains sensitive intelligence information." It is the Interpol file on Josie Packard. Interpol is the shorthand name of the International Criminal Police Organization. A copy of the Twin Peaks Post newspaper also sits in front of Cooper. The logo of the newspaper is similar to that of the fan newspaper, the Twin Peaks Gazette.
Twin Peaks Post Twin Peaks Gazette


The autopsy report on Josie from Dr. Hayward states that he was unable to determine the cause of death and the body only weighed 65 pounds. Although Josie was slim, how could an adult woman of her height weigh only 65 pounds at death? Did BOB consume her garmonbozia (fear and sorrow), leaving only that weight of her body behind?


When Cooper mentions to Hawk the vision he saw just after Josie died, Hawk retorts, "Maybe we better just whistle past the graveyard." This is a U.S. idiom for proceeding with a task that may be dangerous. It is interesting to note that this exchange seems to imply that Cooper has already confided in Hawk about his vision of BOB after Josie's death.


During Earle's lecture to Leo at 6:16 on the Blu-ray, notice that he is twirling a daisy in his hand.


When Earle gets angry at realizing that Cooper is playing a stalemate game in their chess match, notice that the shriek of some kind of bird of prey is heard several times from outside the cabin. Possibly a passing owl?


When Dick praises the two Miss Twin Peaks contestants at 8:58 on the Blu-ray, saying, "Ladies, may I say, you both...delightfully...represent...the sanctity...of nature," he is looking at their breasts!


During Dick and Pinkle's discussion about the stuffed pine weasel, notice that a couple of workmen are wrestling a large totem pole out of the room in the background.


At 12:18 on the Blu-ray, Catherine is going through blueprints of some kind, probably blueprints for the houses that will be built in her Ghostwood Estates project. The painting behind her must be a concept house of what the homes will look like. The blurry words printed below the home appear to read "Ghostwood Development Inc."

Ghostwood home


At 12:50 on the Blu-ray, there is what appears to be a painted, porcelain statuette of a Japanese geisha on the bookshelf behind Catherine.


Audrey admits to Jack that she doesn't know how to cook.*************


Jones tells Catherine that Eckhardt and Josie are to be buried side-by-side (in Hong Kong, it is implied).


The gun Catherine pulls on Jones is a Smith & Wesson Model 60.


Earle pays Donna a visit in disguise as Dr. Gerald Craig. Possibly this is a reference to Dr. Mark Craig, a character on the 1982-1988 TV series St. Elsewhere.


"Dr. Craig" says he is on his way to a convention in Spokane.


"Dr. Craig" tells Donna that he and her father graduated from medical school "30 years ago this month." That would place their graduation in March, 1959. According to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town, Dr. Hayward attended University of Washington Medical School.


Some copies of New Yorker magazine are seen on the Haywards' coffee table at 16:08 on the Blu-ray.


Earle leaves a gift with Donna for her father. When her father opens it later that day, it is a black Knight chess piece tagged with Earle's next move, N to KB3 (Knight to King's Bishop 3). But why does he send a black Knight? Earle is playing white! Nor does he take a black Knight, there's no way he could at the current state of the game. (See "Patterns and Conflicts: An Analysis of the Windom Earle/Dale Cooper Chess Game", Wrapped in Plastic #4, April 1993, which includes input from chess expert John Jacobs, former chess columnist of the Dallas Times Herald. Diagram is from that article.) Knight to King's Bishop 3 (Earle)


As Earle leaves from his conversation with Donna, he is humming the same tune he's been playing on his flute in past episodes, "Questions in a World of Blue".


The book seen at 17:33 on the Blu-ray is Attack and Counterattack in Chess, a 1959 chess guidebook by Fred Reinfeld. A few seconds later, the spine of another book shows a partial title, which may be The Soviet School of Chess by Alexander Kotov and Mikhail Yudovich, first published in 1961.


At 17:37 on the Blu-ray, notice that a plastic bottle of honey is seen sitting among the many chessboards Pete is testing himself at. Maybe shots of honey keep Pete pumped and going?


    At 17:43 on the Blu-ray, a hand-written diagram paper on the wall has the phrase "perpetual check" written on it. Perpetual check is when one player in a game of chess is able to bring the game to stalemate by forcing the other into moves that constantly brings them into check, but not checkmate. Apparently, this is what Pete is trying to do in order to force an end to the chess game with Earle so he can't take any more pieces/lives.

   Another sheet on the wall depicts the results of a 1909 game between Capablanca and Marshall. Pete claimed to owe his chess skill to José Raúl Capablanca (a Cuban world chess champion) in Episode 22: "Slaves and Masters". Capablanca played a match against U.S. champion Frank James Marshall (1877-1944) in 1909.


While explaining to Cooper the difficulty of composing a chess game to stalemate where no pieces are lost from the board, he mentions the classic Herbstman leaves you with only six pieces. Alexander Herbstman (1900-1982) was a Russian composer of possible chess matches.


Lucy's sweater in this episode has a very large double diamond image on it, reminiscent of the Owl Cave symbols.


The drawing on the chalkboard of Major Briggs' triangular tattoo at 20:10 on the Blu-ray is not quite the same one we saw Cooper draw just seconds earlier. 


Log Lady tattoo The Log Lady reveals that she mysteriously found a tattoo similar to Major Briggs' on the back of her leg when she was 7 years old, after a walk in the woods that had her missing for an entire day. Her tattoo seems as if it's a representation of the twin peaks for which the town is named, Whitetail Mountain and Blue Pine Mountain.

More information about her missing day is revealed in The Secret History of Twin Peaks.


The Log Lady states that she also saw a flash of light and heard the call of an owl right before her husband died in the fire.


The song Jack sings to Audrey during their picnic is "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie", an old cowboy folk song.


When Jack asks Audrey if there's another guy, she said there was someone, but not anymore. Is she referring to Cooper or some legitimate boyfriend in her past?


At 23:11 on the Blu-ray, we can see from the street sign that the Hayward home is on the corner of Lakeview Drive. In Episode 25: "On the Wings of Love", James' postcard to Donna is addressed to her at 552 Dale St. On the map of the town found in Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town, the Hayward home is instead shown at the corner of Church Lane and Owl Street. There is no Lakeview or Dale depicted on the map, though there is a Lakeside Drive one block west of the Hayward home.


Donna's father tells her that the real Gerald Craig was his roommate in medical school, but he died on a rafting trip on the Snake River. Snake River is a tributary of the Columbia River, running from southern Washington to Wyoming. The Columbia River is the river that runs farther north past Twin Peaks.


Going through her mail, Norma finds a flyer for the Miss Twin Peaks contest. If you freeze frame when the back of the page is facing the screen, the "send to" address can just barely be made out, but isn't complete, reading, "Norma Jennings, Double R Diner, Twin Peaks, WA". The front of the flyer says the prize for the winner is $2000 and two years tuition at WSC. WSC is presumably Washington State College, the common name (not official) of what is currently known as Washington State University, with several campuses across the state.


At 28:23 on the Blu-ray, Norma is holding a PennySaver periodical. In general, a pennysaver is a free community-published periodical of business advertisements and personal classified ads, well-known throughout North America. The actual PennySaver branded periodical Norma is holding was a publication distributed in California only until going out of business in May 2015.


After Norma suggests to Shelly that she should enter the Miss Twin Peaks contest (which Norma herself won 20 years ago), Shelly kind of makes fun of anyone who would enter the contest with her mocking portrayal of a contestant interview!


As Cooper meets Annie for the first time at the RR, he is reading the book on Tibet he was also seen reading in Episode 21: "Double Play".


During Truman's confrontation with Cooper in the Bookhouse, notice that the ceiling of the place appears to have thin tree branches in a sort of web across it.


As Cooper cautiously approaches the irritable Truman at 32:25 on the Blu-ray, notice that the record player in front of him is spinning a record on it, but the arm of the player has already reached the end, so no sound is heard from it.


As Mike and Nadine check into the Great Northern as Mr. and Mrs. Hinkman, notice a sign behind them pointing the way to the Stop Ghostwood Fashion Show.


Mike tells Randy at the check-in desk that he and his "wife" are from Bozeman. He is referring to Bozeman, Montana.


As Ben begins his introduction of the Stop Ghostwood Fashion Show, notice he tosses a few "Stop Ghostwood/Save the Pine Weasel" badges to the attendees.


Dick describes Andy's ensemble in the fashion show, including that he is wearing a Pendleton shirt. "Pendleton" refers woolen shirts made by Pendleton Woolen Mills in Portland, Oregon.


At the fashion show, Catherine walks up to Ben, saying, "Well if it isn’t John Muir, friend of the redwoods." John Muir (1838-1914) was an early advocate for the preservation of wilderness areas in the United States.


During the chaos at the fashion show caused by the loose pine weasel, a red-headed model in a blue dress runs to the end of the catwalk and stands there screaming in the background as Jack holds Audrey in his arms. But a split second later, the redhead is suddenly standing screaming behind the microphone, which was at the head of the catwalk.


Memorable Dialog


Shelly's like family.wav

you're the senior lawman.wav

your silence speaks volumes.wav

the supreme incongruity.wav

keep an eye on each other.wav

I went walking up in the woods.wav

the call of the owl.wav

right before my husband died.wav

if there's another guy.wav

I think I've gone blind in my left eye.wav

Miss Double R Diner.wav

I'm Annie.wav

you made it just right.wav

why don't you hand me that gun?.wav

we're all like that.wav

finding a hole where the lake used to be.wav

one of the dirtiest consciences in the entire Northwest.wav

a black miserable clod of dirt.wav


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