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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Twin Peaks: No Knock, No Doorbell Twin Peaks
"No Knock, No Doorbell"
Season Three, Part 16
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch
Original air date: August 27, 2017


Mr. C takes Richard to visit the coordinates; Cooper awakes from his coma; Diane makes a confession; Audrey visits the Roadhouse.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Mr. C

Richard Horne (dies in this episode)

Jerry Horne

Hutch (probably dies in this episode)

Chantal (probably dies in this episode)

Agent Headley

Agent Wilson

Agent Cooper

Janey-E Jones

Sonny-Jim Jones

Bushnell Mullins

Bradley Mitchum

Rodney Mitchum




Gordon Cole

Phil Bisby


Female Doctor (unnamed)

Diane Evans (tulpa, dies in this episode)

Agent Albert Rosenfield

Agent Tammy Preston

Roadhouse MC

Edward Louis Severson

Audrey Horne



Monique's husband (unnamed)

Man with Monique (unnamed) 


Didja Notice?


At 3:29 on the Blu-ray, the license plate on Mr. C's 1988 Chevrolet R-30 pick-up appears to be Idaho SW 51. SW 51 would seem to be a personalized plate, but what it means, I'm unsure. Maybe a reference to Area 51, a highly-restricted U.S. Air Force testing facility suspected by some of harboring the remains of crashed UFOs.


At 10:16 on the Blu-ray, an empty bag of Crunch-eez snacks is seen on the dashboard of Hutch and Chantal's van. A full box of Crunch-eez packages is seen in the back of the van and Chantal is seen eating from a bag as she and Hutch wait for Dougie Jones to arrive at his house. Crunch-eez appears to be a fictitious brand. The snacks appear to be similar to Cheetos.


The FBI vehicles that arrive at Dougie's house at 11:15 on the Blu-ray are 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors.


At 15:52 on the Blu-ray, the coffee maker in the FBI hotel room is a Capresso, a high-end brand. An owl statuette is seen next to it.

Coffee maker and owl


At 18:55 on the Blu-ray, two FBI agents pull up in a 2016 Ford Explorer with NV license plate 274 JID.


    At 19:27 on the Blu-ray, the Mitchum brothers pull into Dougie's driveway in a 2000 Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousine, probably the same one seen in use by them in a couple previous episodes. The cargo van that arrives with them is a 2003 Dodge Sprinter, NV plate 458 IGR.

    When the van's cargo doors are opened, we see it is there to deliver the foodstuffs the Mitchums promised to stock the house with earlier. Boxes of Bai soft drinks, Honest Tea, Heinz, and Nongshim Bowl Noodles are seen among the boxes, but most of it is not unloaded, perhaps intended for delivery to the Mitchums' Silver Mustang casino for the food services there.


At 20:53 on the Blu-ray, the man described as "Polish Accountant" in the end credits pulls up to Hutch and Chantal's van in a 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse sedan with NV plate 739 L8M. It has "Zawaski Accounting Inc." on the doors. "Zawaski" is a Polish-sounding name, so it may be the name of the man in question.


At 21:47 on the Blu-ray, we see that Hutch and Chantal's van has Goodyear tires on it. The accountant car has Mayrun MR 500 tires, another real world brand.


Chantal fires a Para-Ordnance P-18 pistol at the accountant; he responds with a Glock 17 with extended magazine converted to full auto. When the accountant wings Chantal, Hutch fires a Remington 870 short-barreled shotgun at him.


From the license plate seen at 22:55 on the Blu-ray, Hutch and Chantal's van is the same one Chantal pulled a medical kit from in Part 9: "This is the Chair".


Cans of Whall Paint are seen in Hutch and Chantal's van. This appears to be a fictitious brand.


When the gunfire breaks out in front of Dougie's house, Rodney Mitchum comes out of the house holding a Smith & Wesson Model 627 pistol.


At 24:40 on the Blu-ray, Mullins hears a humming noise and follows it out of Dougie-Cooper's hospital room. The noise seems to be the same sound heard in the Great Northern Hotel by Beverly and Ben in Part 7: "There's a Body All Right" and Part 9: "This is the Chair" and which James heard in the basement of the Great Northern in Part 14: "We Are Like the Dreamer".


Mike gives Cooper the Owl Cave ring. At 27:00 on the Blu-ray, notice that Cooper appears to hide it under the pillow of his hospital bed. He must have retrieved it before he left because he later places it on Mr. C's hand after BOB's destruction in Part 17: "The Past Dictates the Future".


The female doctor who clears Cooper to leave the hospital is played by Bellina Logan, who also played Louie the Great Northern receptionist in the original series (most noticeably in Episode 11: "Laura's Secret Diary"). We never the hear the doctor's name and she does not wear a name badge. Is she Louie? It's possible the young Louie was studying medicine while working at the hotel in Twin Peaks, though it's rather coincidental that she just happens to be a doctor in Las Vegas now and is assigned to Cooper's recovery.


Before he leaves the hospital, Cooper borrows Mullins' 32 snub nose pistol. I've been unable to identify the manufacturer.


Cooper asks the Mitchum brothers for a plane to Spokane, WA. They gas up their private jet and make the trip with him. Spokane would be a little over 100 miles south of Twin Peaks.


Agent Headley arrives at the hospital looking for Cooper in a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.


    When Diane sees the ":-) ALL" text message from Mr. C, the time on her phone is 16:32 (4:32 p.m.), with the text received time showing as 16:31. She sets her phone down in shock and fright for several seconds and takes a sip of her drink, then picks up the phone again to respond to the text, but now the phone's time suddenly shows 16:45, with the text received time at 16:44. Is this another time glitch?

    We saw Mr. C send this message near the beginning of the episode from a site near Twin Peaks late at night. So why does Diane only receive it now?

    Minutes later, when she is in the FBI hotel room with Gordon, Albert, and Tammy, she looks at the message again and the receive time is now 15:50, over an hour later! Is time speeding up?


At 33:18 on the Blu-ray, we see that Diane carries a snub nose revolver in her purse. We also see a pack of Natural American Spirit cigarettes in the purse; David Lynch is known to smoke this brand. The purse has a Minart label on it, a real world maker of purses.


Diane texts the number 48551420117163956 to Mr. C. Separated into latitude/longitude, these are the coordinates for the area near Twin Peaks.


As Diane leaves the bar to go to the FBI hotel room, "American Woman" by Muddy Magnolias plays on the soundtrack. This same version of the song played in Part 1: "My Log Has a Message for You".


At 36:19 on the Blu-ray, Diane takes the pack of American Spirit cigarettes out of her purse and sets them on the stand next to her while she speaks to Gordon, Albert, and Tammy. But when she reaches for the gun in her purse at 41:22, the pack is still in there. The shot is borrowed from the earlier scene in the hotel bar.


When Diane describes how "Cooper" (really Mr. C) raped her 20 years ago, she says he kissed her and that's when she knew something was wrong and he sensed her fear and, "He smiled. A-and his face..." she trails off. What did she mean about his face? Did his face take on the aspect of BOB?


Diane begins to stutter and say "I'm in the sheriff's station," and "I'm not me." This seems to be a reference to Naido, who is being held in protective custody at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station and is seemingly revealed to be the real Diane in Part 17: "The Past Dictates the Future".


When Diane pulls her gun on Gordon, Albert and Tammy both pull theirs and shoot her. Albert's is a Colt MK IV Series 70, while Tammy has a Walther P99.


When Diane is shot by Albert and Tammy, she slams against the wall, writhing, then vanishes into thin air. This seems to prove to them that she was a tulpa. See the explanation of tulpas given by Tammy in Part 14: "We Are Like the Dreamer".


As Cooper drops Janey-E and Sonny-Jim off at the Silver Mustang for safety's sake, the slot machines Return of the Sphinx, Wild Butterfly, Carnival in Rio, Wild North, Brilliant Jewels, One Red Cent, Gypsy Fire, and China Shores are seen.


At the Roadhouse, the MC introduces Edward Louis Severson to the stage, who plays the song "Out of Sand". Edward Louis Severson (III) is the real name of American singer-songwriter Eddie Vedder, best known as the front man of the band Pearl Jam. The song's lyrics seem indicative of dream- and time-line themes of this season of Twin Peaks:


  Can't climb to heaven on the cross
One liar's promise drained the blood from my heart
Came a message in the dark
Offered the hand of a disembodied man
While I still had the chance

Now it's gone, gone
And I am who I am
Who I was I will never be again
Running out of sand

I stare at my reflection to the bone
Blurred eyes look back at me
Full of blame and sympathy
So, so close
Right roads not taken, the future's forsaken
Dropped like a fossil or stone

Now it's gone, gone
And I am who I am
Who I was I will never come again
Running out of sand

A drunk octopus wants to fight
Fearful of dreams, there'll be no sleep tonight
Fine at dinner, dead by dessert
Victim or witness, we're gonna get hurt
A fragile existence with echoes of wrath
I can't stop the bleeding nor the tears from thine eye
There's another us around somewhere with much better lives
With God as our witness but he won’t testify

Oh now it's gone, gone
And I am who I am
Who I was I'll never have the chance
Running out of sand
Running out of sand
Running out of sand


At 52:34 on the Blu-ray, Charlie appears to have ordered martinis for himself and Audrey.


After Severson is done with his song and has left the stage, the MC introduces a piece played by what seems to be the house band. He calls the piece "Audrey's Dance" and seems to gesture towards Audrey, sitting at the bar, as he does so. The piece is the same one called "Audrey's Dance" by Angelo Badalamenti found on the music soundtrack of Twin Peaks season one and which Audrey dances to from a selection on the jukebox at the RR Diner in Episode 2: "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer".


    As the announcement is made, Audrey seems to come almost over some kind of hypnosis and, as the music begins, she falls into a trance that makes her dance in a manner similar to the dance she did at the RR way back in Episode 2: "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer". In that episode she also famously remarked on the music, "Isn't it too dreamy?" This may be further indication that Audrey's current storyline is itself a dream of a sort, as we also see her suddenly come out of the situation at the Roadhouse, finding herself in a white smock, looking in a mirror in a white room. Is Audrey really in a mental health facility?

    It is interesting to note that when Audrey finds herself in the white room, an electrical noise/hum is heard.


Notice that right after the MC announces "Audrey's Dance", the crowd on the dance floor begins to move to the sides, before the music has even started, let alone before Audrey gets up from her barstool and begins to dance. During the dance, the onlooking crowd sways to the rhythm of the music.


At 54:13 on the Blu-ray, Popov vodka and Seagram's 7 bottles are seen behind the Roadhouse bar.


When Audrey suddenly finds herself out of the Roadhouse and in a white room in front of a mirror, she exclaims, "What?!" several times and is close to hyperventilating. When played in reverse, it sounds as if she is saying "help!" several times and then "Sam". Is it just a coincidence? If not, who is Sam? Sam Colby appeared in Part 1: "My Log Has a Message for You", but he was in New York and died there and it seems unlikely he could have known Audrey. Listen: Audrey (forward)  Audrey (reverse)


As the end credits roll, the Roadhouse band plays "Audrey's Dance" in reverse. At the end of the music a reverse voice is heard. Played "forward" it sounds like Gordon Cole saying, "Where's Coop?" Listen: "Where's Coop?"


Unanswered Questions


Are Hutch and Chantal dead? We see them get blasted by bullets in this episode, but don't actually see a confirmation of death. In the "Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers" behind-the-scenes short on the Blu-ray boxed set, David Lynch remarks on the phone to Hutch actor Tim Roth that Hutch and Chantal are killed.


Do tulpas always vanish back to the Lodge when they are mortally wounded as the Diane tulpa does here? If so, this would end speculation presented in earlier studies here on PopApostle that possibly Laura Palmer and/or her cousin Maddie Ferguson was a tulpa in the original series.


Memorable Dialog


goodbye, my son.mp3

you are awake.mp3

I am the FBI.mp3

no knock, no doorbell.mp3

I'm not me.mp3

you're not Dougie.mp3

we need to get you to a town called Twin Peaks.mp3

hearts of gold.mp3 

get me out of here.mp3


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