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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Twin Peaks: Missing Pieces Twin Peaks
issing Pieces
Deleted Scenes from Fire Walk With Me
Screenplay by David Lynch and Robert Engels
Directed by David Lynch
Released: July 16, 2014 (Los Angeles premiere)


These things also happened.


Read a summation of the scenes at the Buzzfeed


Didja Know?


Missing Pieces is made up of about 1 1/2 hours of deleted/extended footage from Fire Walk With Me. This footage was premiered to the public by David Lynch himself on July 16, 2014 at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles as a promotion of what would be available on then-upcoming Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray set. Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery features every episode of the original series along with the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and much bonus material. The previously unseen footage of The Missing Pieces is a joy for a fan of the series, as it includes scenes of characters from the TV series who do not actually appear in the final Fire Walk With Me film. It's easy to see why director David Lynch left the scenes on the proverbial cutting room floor, as they do not fit the darker tone of the film at all. But they sure are fun, and they are presented almost as a movie of their own on the Blu-ray set, though without interstitial scenes to make them hang together. I have chosen to incorporate them all in the Twin Peaks chronology as Missing Pieces, as they are so much fun it seems a crime not to include them as part of Twin Peaks lore.


I consider Missing Pieces as sort of a "sidequel" to Fire Walk With Me. Jace Lacob's review of The Missing Pieces on Buzzfeed the day after its premiere at the Vista Theater on July 16, 2014 captures the essence of the scenes well with his comment, "’s not quite a film in its own right, but rather a series of vignettes that capture stolen moments."


Characters appearing or mentioned in this sidequel


Laura Palmer

Agent Chester Desmond

Agent Sam Stanley

electrician (unnamed)




Sheriff Cable

Deputy Howard

Sheriff's receptionist (unnamed)

Agent Cooper


Sally (mentioned only)

Gordon Cole

Phillip Jefferies

Judy (mentioned only)

bellhop at Palm Deluxe Hotel

Man from Another Place


Mrs. Tremond

Pierre Tremond


Albert Rosenfield

Bobby Briggs

Mike Nelson

Leo Johnson

Donna Hayward

Sarah Palmer

Leland Palmer

Ben Horne (mentioned only)

trucker (unnamed)

Josie Packard

Dell Mibbler

Pete Martell

Shelly Johnson

Norma Jennings


Ed Hurley

Nadine Hurley

Dr. Hayward

Eileen Hayward



Jacques Renault


Teresa Banks

Ronette Pulaski

Johnny Horne (mentioned only)

Sheriff Truman


Deputy Andy

Joey (possibly Joey Paulson, mentioned only)

Bernie Renault (mentioned only)

Dr. Jacoby

Major Briggs

Betty Briggs

Lucy Moran

James Hurley

Annie Blackburn

nurse (unnamed)



Didja Notice?


During the opening sequence of the deleted/extended scenes, as the camera closes in on the Homecoming photo of Laura Palmer in the Twin Peaks High School trophy case, we can read the words engraved on the trophy to the right of the photo: "State Interscholastic Champion--Shot Put--State College of Washington, 1928." Obviously not a high school trophy, but maybe donated by a winning collegiate athlete who attended the high school? State College of Washington is one of the former names of the modern day Washington State University.


At 1:49 on the Blu-ray, notice that half a fish is sticking out of the lamp the electrician is working on in the entryway of Hap's Diner.


At Hap's Diner, Jack says they had the FBI there once before back in the '50s when Hap was running the place. What happened in the '50s that the FBI had to pay a visit?


Jack reveals that Hap is dead. "He didn't suffer."


At 3:08 on the Blu-ray, notice that there is a "Help Wanted" sign in the window of Hap's Diner. Presumably, this is due to the death of former waitress Teresa Banks. Notice also that of the group of three men standing outside the diner, the man in the middle appears to have a bottle of liquor inside a brown paper bag...he takes a drink from it a few seconds later. Also, there are balloons inside the window of the someone's birthday party taking place there that day?

help wanted


At 3:28 on the Blu-ray, notice that the Chrysler hood ornament on Desmond's Plymouth Gran Fury is twisted sideways. The ornament is facing forward again when Cooper sees the car parked at the Fat Trout Trailer Park after Desmond's disappearance in Fire Walk With Me.


Notice that Desmond stumbles a bit on his words as he says "good morning" to Irene as he and Sam leave Hap's Diner. This goes back to Jack's warning in Fire Walk With Me, "her name is Irene and it is night. Don't take it any further than that. There's nothin' good about it," likely referring to the 1908 American folk song "Goodnight, Irene" and the fact that the Irene who works there presumably does not appreciate wisecracks about her name in relation to the song.


Even before Sheriff Cable bends a piece of rebar to impress Agent Desmond, notice that several bent pieces of rebar are already laying on the ground.


Sheriff Cable removes his badge and sheriff's shirt before engaging Desmond in a bout of fisticuffs outside the station. He hands the shirt over to Deputy Howard, who sets it down on top of another shirt (trench coat?) already laying across a log in the background. What is this other garment?


Cooper speaks to Diane in person at the FBI building through the door of her office, but we never get through the door to see, nor do we even hear her voice, though he responds as if she has spoken to him.


The room Cooper talks to Sam in looks like some kind of workshop, but the script describes it as Sam's apartment, covered with work benches, old adding machines, and odd machinery he is working on. And what is with the plastic pool with the electric mixer stirring the contents?


Agent Phillip Jefferies is welcomed to the Palm Deluxe hotel. According to the script, the hotel is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's not clear when this scene takes place, since Jefferies supposedly disappeared "almost two years ago" according to a line spoken by Gordon in the script. Does the hotel scene take place before he disappeared? Or is it "now" and he has been in hiding all this time? According to co-writer Robert Engels in the bonus features on the Blu-ray set, there are moments of time distortion in the film; not time travel, but more like alternate timelines bumping against each other. This might explain Jefferies' appearances here.


After being greeted at the hotel reception desk (where they seem to recognize him even though he is just checking in; has he been there before?) he asks, "Do you have a Miss Judy staying here by any chance?" and he is handed a note left for him by "la señorita". Presumably, this is the same Judy he mentions later at the FBI office ("I'm not gonna talk about Judy."), but we never see her. Could Judy be Jefferies' secretary, whom he has run off with? Recall that we never see Cooper's secretary, Diane, either. (Of course, there is also speculation that Judy is Josie Packard's sister in Seattle; see the Unanswered Questions section of the Fire Walk With Me study.)


The "full" scene above the convenience store is seen uncut here, not just the bits and pieces that flash through Jefferies' narrative at the FBI office in Fire Walk With Me. The dialog is rewritten somewhat from that in the script; since it is cryptic and possibly full of secrets, I've transcribed it below:


The Man from Another Place: "The chrome reflects our image."

The black man: "Electricity."

The Man from Another Place: "From pure air. We have descended from pure air."

The Man from Another Place: "Going up and down. Intercourse between the two worlds."

The black man: "Animal life."

The Man from Another Place: "Garmonbozia."

The Man from Another Place: "This is a Formica table. Green is its color."

BOB: "I have the fury of my own momentum."

Pierre (pointing at BOB): "Fell a victim."

The Man from Another Place: "With this ring I thee wed."

The Man from Another Place: "Fire walk with me."


Other items noticed in the above scene:

  • Pierre Tremond/Chalfont rests his foot on a paint can.

  • The man in the mask is wearing a red suit seemingly identical (except in size) to the one worn by the Man from Another Place.

  • The man in the mask is standing on a plastic milk crate. An upside-down milk bucket sits next to it.

  • The green Formica table has a small round spot chipped out of it in front of where the Man from Another Place is seated. Was the green centerpiece of the Owl Cave ring cut from it?

  • The two bearded men act as if they are adjusting or repairing an old time radio set.


As previously pointed out in the Fire Walk With Me study, the script three times refers to the Man from Another Place (the dwarf) as Mike. So, it seems that the dwarf is the being called Mike who possesses the One-Armed Man (Phillip Gerard) intermittently in both Fire Walk With Me and the TV series.


The line "Going up and down. Intercourse between the two worlds," sounds symbolic of sex. Are the two worlds the same two worlds referred to in the "Fire Walk With Me" chant ("once chance out between two worlds")? Our material world and the "otherworld" of the Black/White Lodges? Some versions of the One-Armed Man's poem substitute "chants" for "chance". Maybe "chants" could be interpreted as the methodical moans of people engaging in sexual intercourse?


The Man from Another Place seems to be speaking to BOB across the table when he says, "With this ring I thee wed." He almost seems to be looking at the chipped spot on the table as he begins speaking.


At 19:25 on the Blu-ray, the convenience store scene is depicted in a blurred, double-image as the camera pans across the room. An indication of alternate timelines overlapping? Pierre also seems to be snapping his fingers and tapping his left foot on the floor in this shot.


Notice that Jefferies is wearing the same clothes in Philadelphia he was wearing in Buenos Aires. Did he teleport to Philadelphia immediately after we saw him in Buenos Aires? At the end of his Philadelphia scene, he does seem to teleport, possibly without his conscious consent, back to the hotel in Buenos Aires, complete with a scorching of the wall behind him!


Jefferies wears a Christian cross necklace.


When Jefferies says, "We live inside a dream," Albert retorts, "And it's raining Post Toasties." Toasties was a brand of corn flakes breakfast cereal made by Post Foods.


Jefferies says he found something in Seattle at Judy's. What did he find in Seattle? Was it the ring? Did Jefferies disappear in Seattle after finding the ring, just as Desmond seems to disappear in Deer Meadow after finding it? Seconds later in this scene, Jeffries puts his head on Gordon's desk and groans, mumbling, "Ring. The ring."


When Jefferies reappears in the hotel, the bellhop says to him, "Santa Maria, where did you go?" "Santa Maria" is a reference to Saint Mary, the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. After this, the bellhop twice shouts, "Are you the man?" I'm not sure what he means by this. Maybe he's asking if Jefferies is Jesus returned? Or the devil?


Bobby and Mike wait in Bobby's car for Laura and Donna to walk by on the way to school and when they do, Bobby asks them, "You wanna ride? We're all gonna bare our cudas." Bobby's car is a Barracuda.


As Sarah brings in a couple bags of groceries at 26:20 on the Blu-ray, cartons of Knudsen milk and Breyers ice cream are visible sticking out of the top of the bags.


The semi that picks up Laura at 31:54 on the Blu-ray is a Kenworth truck. The door of the truck indicates it's from Weaver Trucking; there is a real world company by that name in Washington at the current time, but the one presented here was probably intended to be fictitious.


The old man who complains about the 2x4's to Pete and Josie is Dell Mibbler, the banker at Twin Peaks Savings and Loan seen in Episode 29: "Beyond Life and Death"


At 35:54 on the Blu-ray, notice that the RR Diner has a yellow sign on the outside wall that reads "Home of Twin Peaks Pies". This was actually a real world sign put up by the owners of the Mar T Cafe in North Bend, WA, which served as the exterior of the RR in the TV series and now here. The sign is always off frame or obscured in the scenes that made it into the actual Fire Walk With Me film, though the edge of it can be seen briefly, obscured by Laura's head as she speaks to the Tremonds in the Meals on Wheels scene. RR Diner


In the scene above, notice there is a road sign on the corner pointing the way to a USFS ranger station. USFS stands for United States Forest Service. In the real world, the sign is pointing the way to the Snoqualmie Ranger Station in North Bend. In Twin Peaks, it would probably be called Ghostwood Ranger Station, after the fictitious Ghostwood National Forest that appears in the show.


Also in the scene above, the license plate of the RR station wagon can be seen to be Washington 648-HYE. There is also a logo on the driver's door, presumably that of the RR Diner, but we don't get a close look at it.


As Ed and Nadine walk into the RR at 36:26 on the Blu-ray, notice that the cigarette machine on the right side of the screen has "Mar T Cafe" on the crossbar.


As Ed walks out of the RR at 40:10 on the Blu-ray, the sign of Snoqualmie Valley Antiques can just barely be seen across the street in the glare of the sun. This is an actual store in North Bend.


When Laura comes to Donna's door crying and saying she wants just one friend, Donna reassures her of their friendship for life and they call each other D and L. 


At 41:56 on the Blu-ray, the Hayward living room looks very similar to that seen in the TV series, but the furniture and decorations are a bit different.
Hayward living room in the TV series Hayward living room in Fire Walk With Me
Hayward living room in the TV series Hayward living room in Fire Walk With Me/Missing Pieces


During her conversation with Laura at the Hayward home, Donna says she's thinking about having sex with Mike. The intimation is that this would be her first experience at sexual intercourse.


As Dr. Hayward attempts his magic trick, he chants "Ipso facto." This is a Latin phrase meaning "by the fact itself."


Dr. Hayward's magic trick (to materialize a red rose under a handkerchief) doesn't work when he tries at home, but he says he just did it at the light at Sparkwood and 21. This intersection is also where Laura jumps off of James' motorcycle (and acts kind of crazy) later in Fire Walk With Me. Is this an indication that there is something supernatural about that particular spot in town?


Mrs. Hayward has shorter hair here than she does in episodes of the TV series.


Dr. Hayward pulls a prescription write-up from his pocket and pretends it is actually a secret message for Laura, "The angels will return, and when you see the one that's meant to help you, you will weep with joy." This seems to be a foreshadowing of the disappearing angel in the painting in Laura's bedroom and the one she sees later in the Red Room at the end of Fire Walk With Me. It may also be an indication that, just as his profession as a doctor suggests, Dr. Hayward is a man who is fundamentally geared towards helping people and making them feel better (notice though that Donna whispers something to him, probably suggesting he say something to cheer up Laura).


At 46:53 on the Blu-ray, Mrs. Hayward's wheelchair is seen to be a Ranger-X. This is a series of powered wheelchair models made by Invacare. This is a different wheelchair than the one seen used by her in episodes of the TV series.


During the "dream" sequence with Cooper in the Red Room with the dwarf, the dwarf asks him, "Is it future? Or is it past?" Possibly another suggestion of the alternate timelines mentioned by co-writer Robert Engles.


Notice in the scene from 52:31-53:00 on the Blu-ray, that the dazed look on Laura's face very, very gradually turns into a teeth-clenched smile, while the rest of her face remains still. It's quite an unnerving effect.


When Sarah complains to Laura that she can't find her blue sweater and wants to know if Laura borrowed it again, Laura has to point out that she is already wearing it. Sarah begins to get upset at herself and sobs, repeating, "It's happening again" while Laura tries to reassure her it's not. Does Sarah have a history of forgetfulness? Or even mental illness? Or is it a result of the drugs Leland/BOB has been giving her over the years to hide his molestations of Laura?


As Leo shows her how to scrub the floors in their house, Shelly tells him, "Lay off bennies, Leo." "Bennies" is a reference to Benzedrine, the trade name of an amphetamine with psychoactive properties. She mentions Leo's use of them in Episode 5: "Cooper's Dreams" as well.


The music that plays on the radio in the scene with Ed and Norma in Ed's truck is the main theme from Fire Walk With Me.


At 57:50 on the Blu-ray, notice that there is a sign for Cooper Tires in the dirt parking lot of the gas station that Tommy spins donuts in. This looks like an on-location, real world shot; possibly David Lynch liked it for the Cooper reference.


A sign on a building for Bremmeyer Logging can be glimpsed at 57:51 on the Blu-ray. This is a real world business in Ravendale, WA, just 20 miles from North Bend where a lot of Twin Peaks exterior shots were filmed.


At 58:17 on the Blu-ray, notice that Tommy offers Donna a snort of cocaine off the palm of his hand, which she rejects.


At 59:03 on the Blu-ray, a sticker on the door of the bar reads, "Shoes & Shirts Required, Bras & Panties Optional". A small sign inside the bar with a drawing of a toad on it reads, "I could be a prince but it's more fun being a horny toad."


It seems that the bar Laura, Donna, Buck, and Tommy go to must be right on the border of the U.S. and Canada. A red, white, and blue flag banner is hanging above the bar that reads "Can-A-Do and US of Fucking A".


The door leading into the back part of the bar, where the real party is happening, has a stenciled sign on it reading "The Power and the Glory". This is presumably a reference to the ending of some versions of the Lord's Prayer from the New Testament of the Bible.


In a flashback, Teresa Banks tells Leland to meet her at the Red Diamond City Motel. She implies it is in a town also called Red Diamond City. This appears to be a fictitious motel and town. The shooting location though was the Mt. Si Motel in North Bend, WA (which also later served as the Dutchman's Lodge motel in Season Three).


Teresa calls Jacques at the Roadhouse to ask what Ronette's and Laura's fathers look like. She tells him that she got J.B.'d by a guy from up that way (when Leland bailed upon seeing that Laura was one of the girls Teresa arranged for him). Possibly her use of "J.B." is a reference to "jail bait", a term used for a sexually attractive minor, implying that she thinks he chickened out after seeing the youth of Ronette and/or Laura.


The deleted scenes reinforce the implication that Leland/BOB killed Teresa because she was blackmailing him after she realized he was Laura's father.


Hawk tells Sheriff Truman that Joey just called in to say that Bernie the mule left Canada about an hour ago. Joey may be Joey Paulson, a Bookhouse Boy seen in a couple episodes of the TV series.


Laura tells Dr. Jacoby over the phone that she couldn't visit him yesterday because she had to be at Johnny Horne's birthday party, but she'll make another tape for him tomorrow. From the episodes, it seems that she must have made that tape on the day she died, February 23, meaning "today" is February 22. This implies that Johnny Horne's birthday is February 21. This also helps support the contention in the fan magazine Wrapped in Plastic #1 that the missing day in Fire Walk With Me (as just three days are depicted in the film between Sunday and Thursday) is Tuesday, February 21 since we do not see Laura attend this party.


At 1:13:55 on the Blu-ray, Sarah is seen to be smoking Salem cigarettes, a real world brand.


The words Major Briggs reads from the Bible are from the Book of Revelation.


Lucy reveals she has an aunt who lives in Wyoming.


The glass foyer that should still be in the sheriff's station at this point is missing. It is present in the 2-hour pilot episode (Episode 0A: "Wrapped in Plastic" and Episode 0B: "Northwest Passage") but is later seen being dismantled in Episode 1: "Traces to Nowhere".


At 1:23:48 on the Blu-ray, the Log Lady is sitting outside her cabin and seems sad. Then she hears Laura's scream (coming from the train car during her murder). It seems as if she already knew something bad was about to happen. In Episode 5: "Cooper's Dreams", she tells Cooper that her log saw something the night of Laura's murder; maybe it's more that she saw it and she just uses the log as her voice, to distance herself from the things that disturb her.


The scene before Annie is seen being wheeled into the hospital after her experience in Glastonbury Grove is labeled as "Some Months Later". But in the TV series, the events took place only a little over a month after the death of Laura.


As Annie is being taken into the hospital, notice that she is still wearing the brightly-colored floral dress of Caroline Earle from the final episode Episode 29: "Beyond Life and Death", not the Miss Twin Peaks gown she was wearing when she went into the grove with Windom Earle in that same episode.


The clock on the wall in Annie's hospital room is an Accutrex brand. This is a real world clock brand.


At 1:28:32 on the Blu-ray, notice that there is a crucifix hanging on the wall in Annie's hospital room. Did Norma bring it to her because of Annie's past time in a convent? I don't think a crucifix would normally be hanging in a hospital room unless it was a hospital associated with some Christian church or organization. Presumably she is just in Calhoun Memorial Hospital in Twin Peaks.


Cooper's hotel room here looks essentially identical to the way it was seen in Episode 29: "Beyond Life and Death". The bathroom is nearly the same as well, but there is an added nature painting hanging on the wall opposite the sink.


There is a bit less blood on Cooper's face here from what was seen at the end of Episode 29: "Beyond Life and Death".


At 1:29:13 on the Blu-ray it appears that Kyle McLachlan's left ear may be pierced.


The name badge on the nurse's uniform appears to read "B. Pound R.N." R.N. stands for Registered Nurse.


Unanswered Questions


As in Fire Walk With Me, we are still left with the question of who is Judy?


What will happen to the nurse now that she has the ring?


Memorable Dialog


sunrise at the Fat Trout Trailer Park.wav

are you talking to me in code?.wav

what the blue rose meant.wav

you don't even like Mike.wav

you want a muffin?.wav

you are a muffin.wav

you little smoking whippersnapper.wav

a secret message.wav

goodbye, muffin.wav

I'm the muffin.wav

how can I leave?.wav 


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