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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Twin Peaks: Don't Die Twin Peaks
"Don't Die"
Season Three, Part 6
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch
Original air date: June 11, 2017


Dougie redeems himself at work; Janey-E faces the loan sharks; Hawk discovers the link to his native heritage.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Agent Cooper

Officer Reynaldo

Sonny Jim Jones

Janey-E Jones

Officer Cass

Dr. Ben (mentioned only)

Jade (mentioned only)


Anthony Sinclair (mentioned only)

Jake Cavallo (mentioned only)

Nancy Deren (mentioned only)

Det. Loomis (mentioned only)

Det. Stockton (mentioned only)

Agent Albert Rosenfield

Gordon Cole

Diane Evans (tulpa)


Richard Horne

Mary Ann (mentioned only)

Carl Rodd



Linda (mentioned only)

Miriam Sullivan


Shelley Briggs

Norma Jennings (mentioned only)

Duncan Todd

Drugged-out mother

Ike "The Spike" Stadler

Lorraine (dies in this episode)

Dougie Jones (in photo only, deceased)

Phil Bisby

Bushnell Mullins

Carolyn King (mentioned only)

Scott Cameron (mentioned only)

Det. Han (mentioned only)

Det. Gasparro (mentioned only)

Tommy (loan shark)

Jimmy (loan shark)


Deputy Chad Broxford

Deputy Jesse Holcomb

Maggie Brown

Doris Truman

Frank and Doris' son (unnamed, mentioned only, deceased) 



Didja Notice?


At the beginning of the episode, Dougie-Cooper is tugging on his left coat sleeve, apparently trying to hide his hand up in it. Does he have some kind of memory impression from the "real" (tulpa) Dougie whose left arm shrunk up into his sleeve after he was called into the Red Room in Part 3:_"Call for Help"?


After he attempts to touch Officer Reynaldo's badge, Dougie-Cooper says "Lancelot". The officer immediately seems to know he is referring to Lancelot Court, which we saw was the street on which Dougie Jones' house is located in Part 4: "...Brings Back Some Memories".


    At 3:31 on the Blu-ray, Sonny Jim is reading a book from the Hardy Boys series. We see the title on the cover a few minutes later, The Secret of the Old Mill. The Hardy Boys series of juvenile detective novels have been in publication since 1927. There is also a stack of the books visible in Sonny Jim's nightstand.

   What appears to be a View-Master is also seen on the nightstand. Due to the low lighting in the room it's hard to say, but the shape of the light diffuser windows on the device appears to be that of a 1950s model.


Janey-E fixes Dougie-Cooper a sandwich for dinner along with which he also eats a mini bag of Miss Vickie's potato chips.


The lamp in the middle of the Jones' dining table looks a bit similar to the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. The Trinity nuclear test of 1945 will play an important part in Part 8: "Gotta Light?".

Dining table lamp


At 6:41 on the Blu-ray, one of Sonny Jim's crayon drawings is pinned to his bedroom wall next to the door. A magnification and brightening of the image shows what may be a bird (an owl?) in flight within the drawing.

Sonny Jim drawing


The nightstand lamp in Sonny Jim's room is apparently attached to a Clapper, allowing anyone to turn the lamp on and off with a clap of their hands.


When Sonny Jim turns the nightstand lamp on, some small cowboy figures can be seen on top of the nightstand. One of them looks a bit similar to the statue Dougie-Cooper was so enamored with in the plaza of his workplace in Part 5: "Case Files".
cowboy figure statue
Cowboy figure Statue


    At 9:45 on the Blu-ray, the words "Your late" can be seen written on the back of the photograph of Dougie and Jade. "Your" is, of course, spelled wrong (which is how most people spell it), which should be "you're" (contraction of "you are") instead.

   The photo is of the actual Dougie, not Dougie-Cooper, from the extra weight evident on him. This also means that Dougie was seeing Jade before the liaison we saw in Part 3: "Call for Help". 


Janey-E tells the loan sharks to meet her at the park at the corner of Guinevere and Merlin by the mall. This is a fictitious intersection in Las Vegas. Guinevere and Merlin are figures in the King Arthur mythology, tying back again to Glastonbury Grove.


At 13:02 on the Blu-ray, Dougie-Cooper becomes interested in the stylized "7" of the Lucky 7 Insurance logo on a case file folder. The look of the 7 is similar to the "wings" of the Owl Cave symbol.
7 logo Owl Cave symbol
7 logo Owl Cave symbol


The Twin Peaks traffic light is seen changing from green to yellow to red, accompanied by an electrical or insect chittering noise at 13:12 on the Blu-ray. It immediately follows the 7 logo scene, so there may be a connection to Cooper's recognition of the symbol.


    At 15:01 on the Blu-ray, Dougie-Cooper looks at an insurance file about a burglary at a hotel. The hotel owner's name, Jake Cavallo, is actually that of an art department assistant on the series.

   Question 4b on the insurance form has a typo in it; "premised" should be "premises".

   Another of the case files names the insured as Nancy Deren. She was a set dresser on the series.


One of the case files lists Clark County, Nevada. This is the county in which the city of Las Vegas resides.


Albert's car at 19:09 on the Blu-ray is a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu with government plate KO9RH.


A Starbucks coffee shop is visible in the background at 19:09 on the Blu-ray.


As Albert walks through the wind and rain into the bar to find Diane, he says to the skies, "Fuck Gene Kelly, you motherfucker!" In typical Albert fashion, he is sardonically remarking on the famous scene from the 1952 musical-comedy-romance Singin' in the Rain, in which the protagonist played by Gene Kelly (1912-1996) sings a song on a rainy street while joyfully twirling his umbrella and getting thoroughly drenched. 


The bar Albert finds Diane at is Max Von's Bar. This appears to be a fictitious establishment. The neon sign for the bar is similar to that of the Bang Bang Bar of the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks. The scene was filmed at Casey's Irish Pub in Los Angeles.
Max Von's Bar Bang Bang Bar


The car seen at 20:45 on the Blu-ray is a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7. The pick-up truck seen in the background is a 1973 Ford F-Series, the same truck that Richard Horne is driving when he runs over a young boy in an intersection later in this episode (WA plate NP8B3JD).


During Richard Horne's visit with Red, Red asks if he's ever seen the movie The King and I. The King and I is a 1956 (and 1999 animated remake) musical film. Leland Palmer sang the song "Getting to Know You" from the play/film and Pete Martell was able to identify it in Episode 13: "Demons".


Red mentions the drug "sparkle" for the first time. We presume that sparkle is the drug that has been effecting the teens of Twin Peaks (and possibly others; the drug-addled mother at Rancho Rosa Estates?).


At 26:36 on the Blu-ray, Red appears to have some letters written on his knuckles that have faded off. It sort of looks like it says Bozo!

hand writing


In the above scene, Red is seen to be wearing a Rolex Submariner watch.


Red seems to perform a genuine magic trick by tossing a dime into the air, making it hover there, and then it suddenly appearing in Richard's mouth. But was it really the effects of the drug sparkle on Richard, making him think/hallucinate this is what happened (possibly in combination with misdirection/subliminal manipulation by Red)?


At 27:20 on the Blu-ray, notice that the trailer park sign says that it's the new Fat Trout Trailer Park. In Fire Walk With Me, the trailer park was located in Deer Meadow, the new one seems to be located in or near Twin Peaks. In either case, Carl Rodd is the manager.


At 29:38 on the Blu-ray, a sign in the RR Diner advertises one of its specials, called, appropriately enough, the "Double R", featuring two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausage links, and two slices of toast for just six dollars. In the original series, Episode 20: "Checkmate", had the exact same special for just two dollars! Ah, inflation.


As Carl Rodd sits drinking coffee and smoking on a bench, notice that his paper cup is labeled as RR2GO.


The intersection where Richard Horne hit the boy crossing the street is the same one where Leland and Laura encountered the One-Armed Man in Fire Walk With Me.


The semi truck sitting at the intersection as the boy crosses the street is a Volvo VNL.


After the boy has been run down in the intersection, Carl sees a yellow blob of light escape the body and soar up into the sky. Was this the boy's soul? Why was Carl the only one to see it?


At 35:18 on the Blu-ray, the same number (324810 and a separate 6) is seen on the telephone pole in the intersection as was seen at the original Fat Trout Trailer Park in Deer Meadow in Fire Walk With Me. It will appear again in yet another location (Odessa, Texas) in Part 18: "What is Your Name?" What is the significance of this set of numbers?


At 35:37 on the Blu-ray, the bird's eye view of Las Vegas shows the Fremont Casino, Four Queens Hotel and Casino, and The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel.


Duncan Todd uses a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop in his office.


The Coroner's van that leaves Rancho Rosa Estates at 36:39 on the Blu-ray is a 2015 Ford Transit.


The tow truck that hauls off Dougie Jones' blown-up car is a 1994 Ford F-Series truck. The police SUVs at the site are 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility U502s.


The scene of the drugged-out mother calling out "1-1-9" at 37:21 on the Blu-ray is the same one seen in Part 3: "Call for Help", even though it's a day later. Is some kind of confined time loop occurring for her? Is it related to the drug she is taking (possibly sparkle)? Is the timeline change later initiated by Cooper in Part 17: "The Past Dictates the Future" already starting to manifest?


The Las Vegas motel Ike the Spike stays at is actually an L.A. motel, the Hollywood Premiere Motel on Hollywood Boulevard.


As soon as Ike pulls the photo of Lorraine out of the envelope, the same song heard in her introduction in Part 5: "Case Files" is heard ("I Am" by BluntedBeatz). As soon as Ike stabs her photo with the spike, the music stops.


At 39:28 on the Blu-ray, Dougie Jones' business card is seen paper clipped to the Dougie photo. The address of Lucky 7 Insurance is seen to be 7000 Main Street, Las Vegas and the phone number 702-555-6170. The address and phone number are fictitious, though 702 is an actual area code in Las Vegas. The 555 prefix of the phone number is a long-time convention in Hollywood TV and film.


When Dougie-Cooper fails to exit the elevator at his floor when he goes to work, why do the elevator doors keeps opening and closing as if waiting for him to exit? They should just close and remain closed unless he hits the floor or "door open" buttons. It would seem a supernatural force is looking after him still.


At 42:49 on the Blu-ray, Dougie-Cooper is seen to be drinking Szymon's Coffee. This appears to be a fictitious coffee shop. The shop is later seen in Part 11: "There's Fire Where You Are Going", located in the exterior courtyard of the building where Lucky 7 Insurance is housed.


    At 43:36 on the Blu-ray, Mullins looks at insurance files in the names of some series crewmembers: Carolyn King (art department coordinator), Scott Cameron (first assistant director), and David Eubank (first assistant camera).

   The Mitchum Brothers (owners of the Silver Mustang Casino) are also mentioned in the documents. This becomes important later in the series, as Dougie-Cooper's work on the files reveals that the brothers were cheated of a legitimate multi-million dollar claim on a hotel of theirs that burned down. 


In Mullins' old boxing poster, we can see that he is wearing Everlast boxing gloves and Benlee trunks.


At 47:51 on the Blu-ray, the Nevada license plate on Janey-E's Jeep Wagoneer is 461QBE.


At 48:19 on the Blu-ray, there is a piece of cardboard taped to the wall behind Lorraine's desk, with a pipe sticking out of the center. Why is it there? It is vaguely reminiscent of the tube inside the glass box in the New York building in Part 1: "My Log Has a Message for You" and Part 2: "The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself".

cardboard on wall


Ike the Spike appears to be wearing Levis jeans.


Why was Hawk carrying an old Indian Head nickel in his pocket? Is it a good luck charm to him?


The stall door in the men's restroom at the sheriff's station shows it was made by Nez Perce Manufacturing. This appears to be a fictitious company. The Secret History of Twin Peaks states that Hawk is a full-blooded Nez Perce, a tribe native to the northwest. This would seem to be the connection to Hawk's native heritage that the Log Lady said would help him find the missing clue from the old Laura Palmer case.


At 53:13 on the Blu-ray, the state flag of Washington is seen in the sheriff's station dispatch room.


An old coffee vending machine is seen in the dispatch room behind Chad's desk.


Maggie mentions that Frank and Doris Truman had a son who committed suicide. Chad implies the son had been a soldier and committed suicide after his experiences in combat.


At the end of Maggie and Chad's conversation about Frank and Doris' son, the camera pans over to Deputy Jesse, who is not looking at either of them, but his gaze appears to be directed towards the upper wall to his right. This would be about the location of the moose head that is hanging there in the dispatch room. Maybe it was Frank and Doris' son who hunted and killed the moose?


The song performed in the Roadhouse at the end of the episode is "Tarifa" (2014) by Sharon Van Etten. Sharon's drummer is seen to play Ludwig drums.


Memorable Dialog


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