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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Aliens versus Predator versus the Terminator (Part 2) "Aliens versus Predator versus the Terminator" Part 2
Aliens versus Predator versus the Terminator #2
Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Mark Schultz
Penciler: Mel Rubi
Inker: Christopher Ivy
Colorist: David Stewart
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Cover by Dwayne Turner
May 2000


An alien-android Terminator escapes from Typhoon station with alien samples.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This story takes place not long after the events of the 1997 film Alien: Resurrection (approximately 2381).


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Ripley 8

Annalee Call



alien-android hybrid 1

Dr. Trollenberg (mentioned only, destroyed)

Fender (mentioned only, deceased)

John Connor (as a computer sleeper virus only)

Skynet (mentioned only)

Captain Usher (name raveled in the next issue)

alien-android hybrid 2 (seen here, revealed as an alien-android hybrid in the next issue) 


Didja Notice?


The creature seen in a liquid-filled containment tube on page 1, panel 1 is a facehugger, part of the lifecycle of the alien xenomorphs. More contained facehuggers are seen on page 8.


On page 8, the alien-android hybrid smashes a liquid-filled containment tube containing embryos of alien xenomorphs. He places at least two of them in a metal cylinder and seals it for transportation.


Aboard the escape pod on page 11, the alien-android hybrid cuts open one of the alien embryos in order to remove its spine. But shouldn't the embryo's acidic blood have eaten through the dissecting tray and table and the pod's hull as soon as it was cut open? All forms of the xenomorph lifecycle have extremely acidic blood, able to eat almost instantly through metal.


The alien-android hybrid is also seen to have an non-conscious body aboard the pod for experimentation which is later revealed to be an android in "Aliens versus Predator versus the Terminator" Part 3. How did the body get there? We did not see him take it into the escape pod with him on page 8. I suppose it could have happened between panels, but it seems like sloppy storytelling.


On page 12, the sleeper virus in Trollenberg's programming tells Call that John Connor recorded his viral message in 2035.


Some unusual Hunter-Killer vehicles are seen in the vision of the machine war John shows Call on pages 13-14.
unusual HKs more unusual HKs


On page 18, Voorman gives the opinion that the John Connor message in the sleeper virus is a deke. "Deke" is a Canadian term for fake (short for decoy, originating in Canadian ice hockey).


On page 21, a Predator cuts Ripley 8's arm, revealing her to have acid blood. This was first seen in Alien: Resurrection.


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