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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Nuclear Twilight #1
Writer: Mark Paniccia
Artist: Gary Erskine
Cover: Unknown (believed to be Rob Prior)
November 1995


In the year 2029, John Connor must determine how he is to save humanity as foretold by his own father in 1984.


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Didja Notice?


In this particular post-T2: Judgment Day timeline, Judgment Day still occurs on August 29, 1997, even though Miles Dyson did not perfect the Skynet microchip in this version of the chronology. John and Sarah had come to the realization that the path leading to Skynet could still happen without Dyson in "Judgment Impaired".


Here we see that the remaining Dyson family and Detective Mossberg, who remained part of the Connor crew at the end of "No Fate", are still with them as they emerge from underground years after Judgment Day.


The Connor crew appear to be carrying M16 rifles.


John muses on how his mother's survivalist friends probably felt relieved when Judgment Day arrived, having expected some kind of apocalypse all along and no longer thought crazy for believing it. 


On page 11, we see the adult John Connor in what appears to be the follow-up to his 2029 scene from the beginning of Judgment Day. Notice the side- and background views are very similar to those seen in the film. However, the novelization of Judgment Day states that this scene occurs during the resistance's final defeat of Skynet, while here it is merely a scene shortly before one that suggests that Skynet has just implemented a chronoportation, possibly the first T-800 seen in The Terminator.


On page 12, the adult John muses on how the particular group of soldiers in the future war seen here took their names from their favorite fictitious platoon. This platoon is called Bravo Company, presumably derived from the one in the 1986 film, Platoon.


On page 13, one of John's men states that the Terminators that have lost power and become frozen in their tracks may be the ones that were in "hive" mode. An editor's note speculates that hive mode is a collective consciousness, while independent mode Terminators are self-sufficient but programmed to return and download information. Writer Paniccia probably based this scene on the autonomous Terminators programmed to roam and seek out human targets for elimination mentioned on page 16 of the Judgment Day novelization.


This issue reveals that Miles Dyson's role in the creation of Skynet is known to the human resistance in general, even in this timeline where Miles gave up his life in an attempt to prevent it.


Page 17 reveals that Danny Dyson still lives in 2029 and is John's closest friend.


The Terminator skull in Danny's lab at the end of the issue is presumably the same one that John shows to Sarah at the end of "No Fate"


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