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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Time to Kill (Part 3) Terminator: Time to Kill (Part 3) Terminator
"Time to Kill" Part 3
Painkiller Jane #5 (Dynamite)
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Nigel Raynor
Covers by Nigel Raynor


When the Terminator in 2008 finds out Jane's identity, it adjusts its mission.


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Didja Notice?


As she falls through an apartment roof and onto a coffee table, Jane sends a hand-held remote control flying that is labeled Tony. This is a parody name of Sony, a real world manufacturer of home electronics, based in Japan.


On page 6, panel 1, the resistance in 2029 is seen to have a military tank of its own. The tank comes into use in "Time to Kill" Part 4.


Pages 6-7 reveal that Vanessa Vasko has given the resistance a chance to win the war against Skynet with samples of her blood and D.N.A. Presumably, the resistance wants to harness the healing factor she inherited from her mother, Jane. D.N.A., of course, is deoxyribonucleic acid, the genetic building blocks of all living organisms on Earth.


Page 9 implies the female Terminator in 2029 sent to kill John and Vanessa at the Skynet citadel is a T-X (or T-1000) when she seemingly transforms her hand into four blades to kill Pushillo at Post Six outside the citadel.


In 2008, when the Terminator tastes Jane's blood and does a D.N.A breakdown on it, she realizes Jane must become Vanessa's mother at some point in the future and adjusts its mission in order to terminate her.


The machine guns used by the SWAT officers as they storm the apartment appear to be Heckler & Koch MP5s, often used by U.S. SWAT teams.


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