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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Time to Kill (Part 2) Terminator
"Time to Kill" Part 2
Terminator 2 #6 (Dynamite)
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Nigel Raynor
Covers by Nigel Raynor


The Terminator wreaks havoc in 2008.


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Didja Notice?


Cover A has a Terminator holding what appears to be a Mini-Uzi submachine gun.


Page 3 repeats the scene from the last page of "Time to Kill" Part 1, but the dialog is slightly different and Jane is wearing completely different clothes!


The NYPD patrol vehicles depicted throughout this mini-series do not look particularly like the actual cruisers used by the real world NYPD; for one thing, the NYPD logo here is red instead of blue.


On page 9, the Terminator smashes the storefront window of a costume shop to steal clothing. One of the mannequins in the window appears to be wearing a Batgirl-like costume.


Page 11 reveals the "present day" scenes take place in 2008.


Page 12 suggests that the punk rock daughter in the apartment stormed by the Terminator was named Heidi: the Terminator uses a computer in her bedroom and the door appears to have the name "Heidi" at the top. This is later confirmed when one of the neighbors refers to the couple's children in the apartment as Justin and Heidi.


A poster for the Kings of Brixton hangs in the Heidi bedroom. This appears to be a fictitious punk rock band. A number of punk bands have written songs about riots and law enforcement violence that took place in the London borough of Brixton in the 1980s and '90s.


As the Terminator uses the computer on page 15, she is seen to look up Cyberdyne Systems. In the Rise of the Machines timeline, Cyberdyne Systems would not exist anymore at this point, being the military-run Cyber Research Systems instead. This is a further indication that this is an altered timeline from that of either Judgment Day or Rise of the Machines (as discussed in the study of "Time to Kill" Part 1). She is also seen looking at online maps of the areas around Tulsa, OK and Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles makes sense since she expected to have been chronoported there, but why Tulsa? The story takes place in New York!


On page 19, Maureen tells her men she wants everyone available called in on the Terminator hunt, including Homeland and an E.M.S. crew. "Homeland" is a reference to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. E.M.S. stands for "emergency medical services".


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