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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: The Flesh is Weak "The Flesh is Weak"
Terminator #2
NOW Comics
Written by Tony Caputo
Illustrated by Thomas Tenney
Inked by Jim Brozman
Cover by Tony Akins and Jim Brozman
October 1988


The Slammers are suspicious of the Moon crew and its Synthetic; meanwhile, another resistance cell enters the fray.


Story Summary


A resistance cell called the Synth Slashers storms a Skynet weapons depot. Although they successfully gain entrance and begin scavenging weapons, all but two young members, a boy and girl, are killed during a Terminator assault.


Back at the home base of Sarah's Slammers, the Moon crew tries to explain to the resistance fighters that Konrad is not a Terminator but a Synthetic, peaceful and dedicated to serving humans, like many others at the Moon base. The two young Slashers stumble upon the Slammers base in their flight from the machines and a fight ensues in the mistaken impression that the base is filled with Terminators. The Slammers overcome the assault and spare the children. The boy tells them his name is Tim Reese.




Didja Know?


The title of this issue is derived from a phrase in The Bible, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Synth Slashers




Tim Reese

Sarah's Slammers


Essie Doyle


Commander Leahy




Perry (mentioned only)

Kyle Reese (mentioned only)



John Connor (mentioned only)




Didja Notice?


This issue introduces another resistance group, called the Synth Slashers, led by Johnnie-O.


On page 4, a resistance member named Holewczynski is killed in battle. The letterer of this issue is Ken Holewczynski.


On page 6, one of the resistance members in the weapons bunker grabs a Plasma 404 rifle, capable of melting a Terminator. Another fighter picks up a 506 PHW. These are fictional weapons designed for the series.


This issue introduces Tim Reese, the younger brother of Kyle Reese.


Konrad is revealed to be what is referred to as a Synthetic, a non-Terminator robot in human form that serves humans at the Li'l Houston base on the Moon. His body appears to be more metal than human, so it's unclear how he could have passed as human in Essie's scan of the Moon crew in "2031", nor why the dogs at the Slammers' base didn't react to him.


On page 15, Leahy is telling the Moon crew about the rumors that a Terminator was sent back in time by Skynet and a soldier named Kyle Reese was sent by the resistance to foil its mission. Obviously, this is a reference to the events of The Terminator. He also mentions the mission was run by the 132nd under Perry; Kyle also mentions this in The Terminator.


On page 18, Doyle indicates that, despite Skynet's war against humanity, there are still human groups who fight against others for "food, weapons, women, whatever..." She also states that it is believed that Skynet brainwashes some humans to create havoc.


On page 14, Tim tells the injured Ann, whom he carries, that the installation they're approaching is not a Terminator place, so should have a medic to help her. Yet he is shortly later depicted as attacking the place (which turns out to be the Slammers' base) with grenades and seems to believe the humans who confront him there are Terminators.


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