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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"The Dark Years" Part 4
Terminator: The Dark Years #4
Dark Horse
Writer: Alan Grant
Penciler: Trevor McCarthy
Inkers: Christopher Ivy and Andrew Pepoy
Cover: Jae Lee
December 1999


In 2030, the traitor stands revealed; and as 1999 rolls over to 2000, young John faces down his first Terminator.


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Didja Notice?


1999: At the end of "The Dark Years" Part 3, all of the Terminator's clothing and flesh had been burned off. But as this issue opens, it still has portions of its human clothing and tissue clinging to the endoskeleton. It may be due to new artist Trevor McCarthy suddenly taking over for Mel Rubi in this last issue.


1999: As the Terminator silently creeps up on John on page 3 and is about to shoot him in the back of the head, John suddenly whips up the fire extinguisher (seen hanging on the wall as he entered the Empire State Building near the end of "The Dark Years" Part 3) and sprays the foam into the robot's face, obscuring its vision and impairing electrical circuits. But, on the last page of "The Dark Years" Part 3, John is not holding the fire extinguisher at all as the Terminator approaches and aims its gun at his how did it suddenly appear in his hands?


2030: As John's resistance force breaks into and discovers Skynet's human brainwashing chamber, they find Powell in one of the tubes, whom they remark they'd thought killed when the Terminators stormed their base. Powell's presumed death took place in "The Dark Years" Part 1.


2000: Sarah's injured arm keeps changing throughout the issue. On pages 11 and 14, her left arm is in a sling. On pages 18-19, it's her right arm. On page 22, it's her left arm again.


2030: Page 16 reveals that the brainwashed Selina's terminator code name is Human AX-19.


2030: On page 16, panel 3, John's word balloon is a bit confusing because it doesn't have an arrow indicating that he is the one speaking. 


Unanswered Questions


What happened to all the parts of the Terminator in 2000? An arm was left behind on the street after the Terminator plunged from the Empire State Building. And the rest of the skeleton is presumably still in the hospital surgery room where Sarah diced it with a surgical laser.


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