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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: The Battle of Cuba "The Battle of Cuba"
Terminator #16
NOW Comics
Story: Ron Fortier
Pencils: Thomas Tenney
Inks: Brian Thomas
Colors: Staff
Letters: Dan Nakrosis
Cover: Unknown
January 1990


Showdown with the Terminators in Cuba!


Story Summary


Sarah's Slammers get a grand tour of Habitat, the underwater Soviet/Cuban research base and learn about some high-tech advancements made by the scientists there for the fight against Skynet. The Metal Warrior returns from the battle on the surface, revealing that the powered armor is fueled by the wearer's electrical brain activity, resulting in severe draining of the human body, and even death. The current wearer, Pietrof, dies, just before the Terminators discover the location of Habitat and begin pummeling it. Doyle chooses to don the armor to fight a rear guard battle while her allies escape in the Sea-Wind. Doyle takes down a troop of Terminators while the sub escapes, then she dies as the ceiling of the Habitat bubble collapses.


Hours later, aboard the Sea-Wind, taking shelter in a cove, Essie, who has learned she is pregnant with twins, is married to Chi by Captain Rostof. She and Chi will remain in Cuba to raise their children, while Leahy, K.C., and Slager decide to remain with the Sea-Wind for its journey back to Russia with their new friends.




Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue


Sarah's Slammers

Commander Leahy

Captain Rostof

K.C. Berwanger

Professor Andrei Murievon

Major Sergai Romcheki

Essie Dorian

Patty Doyle

Chi Gow

Dr. Yerkoll


Lt. Maria Ramirez


Sgt. Stanos



Carlos Ramirez


Didja Notice?


On page 1, Captain Rostof says da. This is Russian for "yes".


On page 2, Captain Rostof says khahrahsho. This is Russian for "well".


The Russians keep calling K.C. Gahspahzah. This is Hindi for "inattentive"...I'm not sure why they would use this word.


This issue reveals that Habitat has developed powerful handheld plasma cannons and force field belts powered by a single drop of plutonium.


On page 7, Doyle calls the Russian sergeant Stanos, but he is referred to as Stamos throughout the rest of the issue (except pages 17 and 18, where he is again called Stanos!).


Sgt. Stamos like to refer to Doyle as "Yankee Doyle", possibly as a play on "Yankee Doodle" from the well-known American folk song by that name.


On page 7, a couple of Cuban soldiers say fantastico, Terminars, and . These are Spanish for "fantastic", "Terminators", and "yes", respectively.


On page 11, Maria refers to Slager as Signor. I'm not sure why the Cuban has started using an Italian word, but Signor is Italian for "Mister".


Also on page 11, Maria clonks Slager on top of the head with a metallic object to knock him out and keep him from injuring himself further by leaving the sick bay to join in the coming battle. But clonking someone on the head is not a very safe way to stop someone who is your friend and can cause serious injury in itself!


On page 15, Sgt. Stamos says "Nyeth!" as a Terminator approaches him and Doyle. I presume it is supposed to be "Nyet!", Russian for "No!"


On page 16, Carlos says, "Sí, Capitán." This is Spanish for "Yes, Captain."


Also on page 16, Captain Rostof tells Carlos to pray to his Madonna. "Madonna" refers to the Virgin Mary in Christian belief.


On page 16, a Cuban soldier says, "Mirar!" This is Spanish for "Look!"


On page 17, a Cuban soldier says gracias. This is Spanish for "thank you".


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