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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"Secondary Objectives" Part 3
Terminator: Secondary Objectives #3
Dark Horse
Writer: James Robinson
Based on a plot by Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Penciler: Paul Gulacy
Inker: Karl Kesel
Cover by Paul Gulacy
September 1991


Showdown in Mexico City.


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Didja Notice?


Page 2 reveals that Terminators have a built-in compass that allows them to locate each other.


On page 4, several businesses are seen near the Cyberdyne building: Judy's, Doug's Donuts, Burger Boy, Ray's Deli, and Carl's Thrift Mart. Judy's may be a reference to the women's clothing store chain that existed in southern California and other states in the western U.S. from 1946-1997. The other businesses are fictional (at least in the L.A. area), as far as I can tell.


Dr. Hollister mentions several research grant organizations that denied him funding, thinking his ideas too implausible. The Stanford Fellowship could be a reference to a position at Stanford University, in Stanford, CA. The others, the Nickleby Trust, the Pulsky Award, and the Columbus Trust are fictional as far as I can determine.


On page 11, panel 7, the cigarette package Sloane pulls out of his pocket has a logo that is similar to that of the Philip Morris tobacco company.


On the last page of the issue, the lyrics sung by the airplane mechanic as he works are from the 1980 song "Los Angeles" by X. One part of the song he sings as "her only best friend", but the actual lyrics are "her own best friend". In the context of the story the lyrics he sings are ironic, as the female Terminator, Z000.M, is about to steal the plane he is working on and fly out of L.A. The lyrics, as the mechanic sings them:


  She had to leave Los Angeles
She found it hard to say goodbye
To her only best friend
She bought a clock on Hollywood Blvd.


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