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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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T2: Cybernetic Dawn #2
Writer: Dan Abnett
Story by: Dan Abnett & Mark Paniccia
Penciler: Rod Whigham and Gordon Purcell
Inker: Jack Snider and Inker X
Cover by Rob Prior
December 1995


Miles Dyson's wife and children are drawn into the present war.


Story Summary


LAPD Detectives Mossberg and Weatherby question Dr. Silberman about Sarah Connor and her story of robotic killers from the future. It's clear that Silberman is starting to believe her now. Unfortunately for him, Pescadero currently has him straitjacketed!


The three newly-arrived Terminators take down several members of an L.A. street gang, taking their transportation and weapons.


Sarah and John discover that federal agents have taken the widowed Mrs. Dyson and her two kids to a hotel and are interrogating her about her deceased husband and the people he'd become involved with the night before. Meanwhile, the T-1000 kills and assumes the identity of Karyn Stern.


Sarah and John aid the Dysons in escaping from the feds but are brought to a stop by Detective Weatherby, who claims he believes Sarah's story and wants to help them. Just then, one of the T-800s drives up, kills Weatherby, and threatens the rest.




Didja Notice?


On the cover of this issue, the graffiti on the wall says "BODY COUNT", "AND RISING", "DAN S WAS HERE", and "MARK P". "DAN S" and "MARK P" are references to Dan Shaheen (the editor of the book) and Mark Paniccia (one of the co-writers).


Page 1 of this issue is a scene of the T-800 shooting his way through the police headquarters in The Terminator.


Page 2 reveals that Sarah had been under Dr. Silberman's care for the past two years before her escape from Pescadero State Hospital in Judgment Day.


As in Judgment Day, Dr. Silberman states that Sarah was administered Thorazine in her treatments. Thorazine is the brand name of chlorpromazine in the U.S., an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia.


In this issue, Dr. Silberman is revealed to now be a patient in his own hospital, straitjacketed in a holding cell. He tells detectives Mossberg and Weatherby that he's going to have to review his appraisal of Sarah's alleged delusional architecture. Silberman's wavering disbelief in Sarah's story is a thread seen in several other timeline versions of him as well.


Notice here that Dr. Silberman has a bandage on the right side of his neck; this is where the needle of the hypodermic syringe filled with liquid rooter penetrated when Sarah held him hostage during her escape from Pescadero in Judgment Day.


On page 4, notice that the Terminators are wearing clothing taken from the eyewitnesses from the end of "Lost & Found" (though the woman, being a T-1000, is just morphed into the form of the woman and her clothing from that issue). Notice also that Earl's clothes are much too small for the Terminator stuck wearing them (he is seen to have traded them for one of the gang members clothes on page 6)!


On page 7, the hotel Mrs. Dyson and her kids are at is probably meant to be a Holiday Inn, judging by the portion of a sign visible that reads "Holiday".


The green tinting on the lens view of the binoculars used by Sarah on pages 7-8 suggest they are infrared binoculars, for scoping through night.


In panel 3 of page 7, John is drinking a Big Gulp, the large soda cup sold at the 7-Eleven convenience store chain.


At the hotel, notice that young Danny Dyson is still wearing the Minnesota Twins baseball cap he wore the night before when Sarah ambushed the Dyson house in Judgment Day.


On page 10, we learn that Karyn Stern (introduced in "Lost & Found") is a Special Operations Executive with the FBI's Simi Valley Project. The FBI, of course, is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which investigates federal crime and provides internal intelligence for the federal government. The Simi Valley Project is presumably a reference to NetWork Developments, a company in Simi Valley also introduced in "Lost & Found".


On page 11, Agent Stern states that a sclerographic assay has shown unusual alloys in one of the smelting vats at the steel mill. Obviously, the assay has turned up evidence of the poly-alloy of which the original T-1000 was made (the T-1000 was destroyed in the vat at the end of Judgment Day). "Sclerographic" is from the Greek "sclero" (hard) and "graphikos" (visual), so she must be referring to an assay of hardened material from the vat.


It's a fairly subtle visual, but notice that the morphing blob of the female T-1000 is seen in the background of panel 1 and bottom right corner of panel 2 on page 11, just before she takes on the form of Agent Stern in panel 3.


On page 11, the female T-1000 is said to be driving a 1994 Pontiac.


When Sarah screeches up in the SUV to rescue John and the Dysons from the Feds, John jokingly jerks his thumb as if hitching a ride and asks, "Libertyville?" I'm not sure what "Libertyville" is referencing; it is the name of several towns in the U.S., but none in California. Maybe it's just a joking reference to freedom.


On page 16, Agent Spasky radios in that Sarah Connor and the others are southbound on Western. This may refer to Western Avenue in Los Angeles.


Page 17 reveals Sarah's SUV as a 1990 Nissan Pathfinder. The artwork of the vehicle is a pretty good approximation of the actual 1990 model.


On page 17, the police dispatcher states that Sarah Connor is wanted in connection with a Code 999 in Irvine on Thursday. Police code 999 is often associated with a police officer needing help urgently (at this point, you'd think she'd be wanted for more than just that considering a large building was destroyed by her and her cohorts). The city of Irvine is where the Cyberdyne building was located in Judgment Day.


On page 18, Spasky tells dispatch to get the police to head off the Connors at Washington before they make the interstate. Washington Boulevard winds through Los Angeles, and crosses a number of interstate freeways.


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