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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Gnothi Seauton "Gnothi Seauton"
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
TV episode
Written by Josh Friedman
Directed by David Nutter
Original air date: January 14, 2008


Sarah, John, and Cameron must get new identities in order to operate in 2007; Sarah learns she may not have long to live.


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Didja Know?


The title of this episode comes from the Ancient Greek words for "know thyself".


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Sarah Connor
John Connor
Cameron (aka Jenny/Jennifer)

Skynet (mentioned only)

Enrique Salceda
Ricardo Lopez (mentioned only)



Sherwin Michaels (mentioned only)

Charley Dixon

Derek Reese (not named until "Queen's Gambit")

Chet (recycling yard worker)

Officer Rogers

Michelle Dixon 


Didja Notice?


At 49:15 on the Blu-ray, a Vons supermarket truck drives by on the freeway.


At 54:13 on the Blu-ray, the "brick" wall can be seen to flex a bit when Cameron and the other Terminator hit with their bodies after flying through the window. It's obviously a set piece.


Oddly, at 54:27 on the Blu-ray, there appears to be a mini-bike sitting in a partially opened crate in the alleyway in the background.


Sarah carjacks a 1985 Yamaha FJ 1100 motorcycle at 55:03 on the Blu-ray.


The car that hits Cameron during the chase is a 2005 Chrysler 300 with CA license plate 2SAQ321. This plate has appeared in a number of TV shows and movies and reappears on the Sarah Connor Chronicles on a Ford pick-up in "Alpine Fields" and "Desert Cantos".


Cameron tells Sarah that in the timeline she knows, Sarah died December 4, 2005 of cancer. In the Rise of the Machines timeline, she died of leukemia in 1997. Why the difference in dates?


In the first half of this episode, Sarah drives a 1988 Jeep Cherokee with CA plate 3PCI258. The same plate appears on a Chevy Venture driven by Sarah in "Samson and Delilah" and a Chevy Blazer in "Born to Run"! This license plate has also appeared on Lost.


At 58:55 on the Blu-ray, a Food 4 Less supermarket is seen the background.


Sarah tells Cameron she did military training with Enrique Salceda outside of Oaxaca and that he trained John to shoot rifles. She is probably referring to Oaxaca City, the capital of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Enrique Salceda is the same Enrique the Connors went to for help in the desert in Judgment Day.


Enrique tells Sarah about a boxer from Cuernavaca named Ricardo Lopez, "El Finito". Lopez is a real person. Cuernavaca is capital of the Mexican state of Morelos.


Sarah goes to Enrique to get new identity papers, but he informs her he is retired from all that and directs her to his nephew, Carlos, who has taken over the family business. Enrique is also said to have had a cousin named Carlos in Infiltrator.


John states his cell phone number as 818-555-0147. "818" is a Los Angeles area code. The 555 prefix of the phone number is a long-time convention in Hollywood TV and film.


Bored with sitting at home for days, John leaves the house against his mother's wishes and decides to hang out at the Valley Square Mall. This is a fictitious mall in Los Angeles.


An Apple TV unit is seen in the background at 1:03:18 on the Blu-ray.


At 1:03:21 on the Blu-ray, John is playing around on a Dell laptop in the computer store. The laptop is shown to be running Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. On it, he uses an online search engine that appears to be called LeSearchEngine; this is a fictitious search site.


The online newspaper article about the "bank heist" John, Sarah, and Cameron were involved in in 1999 is from the Los Angeles Sun and mentions the trio asking to see the bank manager Sherwin Michaels. This references events in "No One is Ever Safe", but they did not meet any Sherwin Michaels in the episode; there must have been a change in the script. The Los Angeles Sun is a fictitious newspaper.


John also finds an article referencing his mother's former fiancé, Charley Dixon, "City Honors Heroic EMTs", dated May 30, 2004. Charley is mentioned to have been an EMT in "No One is Ever Safe".


At 1:05:21 on the Blu-ray, notice that the 1963 dedication plaque that was on the outside of the Security Trust of Los Angeles bank in "No One is Ever Safe" is in the same pile of debris at the metal recycling yard that Cromartie's robotic body is in.


A sign at 1:05:34 on the Blu-ray shows that the metal recycling yard is F.N. Bros. Recycling. This is a fictitious recycler in L.A.


A red 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am sits in Carlos' driveway when Sarah and Cameron pull up.


Carlos tells Sarah that when Enrique saw the story about the bank explosion and Sarah and John's alleged death 8 years ago, he was drinking a bottle of Patrón. Patrón is a brand of tequila.


The girl that Cameron imitates on Carlos' driveway is called "Chola" in the end credits. Chola is generally a somewhat derogatory term for a Latin girl, so may be a nickname in this case.


The L.A. police car that pulls up to Carlos' house at 1:09:12 on the Blu-ray has the police motto "to protect and secure" on the door. But the actual LAPD motto is "to protect and to serve". The actor who plays the police officer (Rogers, badge 3591) is Sasha Roiz, known to PopApostle readers as Sam Adama on the TV series Caprica. The shoulder patch on his uniform does not appear to be one actually worn by LAPD officers, though it does look to have the reverse-emblem of the seal of the city of Los Angeles on it.
Officer Rogers' shoulder patch Seal of the City of Los Angeles
Officer Rogers' shoulder patch Seal of the City of Los Angeles


When Officer Rogers gets suspicious of Cameron hanging around in Carlos' driveway, Sarah comes out and calls her Jenny/Jennifer and pretends she's Cameron's mother to throw him off the track.


The classic car on the street behind Sarah at 1:11:09 on the Blu-ray appears to be a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe.


Cameron implies she is not programmed to take orders from either Sarah or the current, 15-year old, John.


Carlos and his gang have to explain to Sarah what the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were since she and John skipped over that year in their time travel jump to 2007 at the end of "No One is Ever Safe".


The car parked at Charley's house at 1:12:43 on the Blu-ray is a Mercedes-Benz 300 D with CA plate 1M8H450.


At 1:13:08 on the Blu-ray, some kind of pamphlet for the city of Monrovia is seen on a desk in Charley's house.


The envelope John picks up at 1:13:12 on the Blu-ray shows Charley and his wife's address as 8223 Paper Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91372. The mail is from Union Credit C., 751 CC Drive, Wilmington, DE 87241. These both appear to be fictitious addresses, as are Union Credit C and the zip code 87241. Zip code 91372 belongs to portions of Calabasas and Woodland Hills, CA, not Sherman Oaks.


Sarah is beginning to get into the habit of referring to Cameron as a "tin man". Besides the obvious reference to Cameron being a cyborg, the Tin Man is a character in the Oz books of L. Frank Baum.


Finding a hidden safe in a wall at the Resistance hideout in 2007, John enters the date of Judgment Day to open it. But which Judgment Day does he enter? The date stated in Judgment Day has already passed without incident. If it's the new Judgment Day of Cameron's timeline, what is the date? Cameron has not specifically stated it yet, at least for the viewing audience (it's possible she told him off camera).


The car Cameron lands on when Sarah pushes her body out the window appears to be a 1970's Dodge Dart.


At 1:19:34 on the Blu-ray, someone with a bar code tattoo on their forearm watches as Sarah, John, and Cameron run down the alleyway. The tattoo implies it is someone from the future who spent time in a Skynet work camp. A later episode reveals it to be Derek Reese.


Finding a pouch of diamonds in the Resistance hideout, John apparently tells Cameron that diamonds are a girl's best friend. "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" is a song from the 1949 musical play Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Jule Styne and Leo Robin.


At 1:20:49 on the Blu-ray, the roadside clean-up worker is watching the World Shopping Channel. This is a fictitious cable channel.


Sarah confronts Enrique with a Smith & Wesson 4506 pistol.


Enrique admits he became an informant when he was sent to Lompoc a few years ago. This must be a reference to the Federal Correctional Complex located near Lompoc, CA.


Cameron shoots Enrique with a Glock 17 pistol.


Cameron uses the Spanish "El hablador" as a description of Enrique. It means "he talked".


As part of his new identity, John is said to be from Lawrence, Kansas. Cameron states that Lawrence is 25 miles west of Kansas City; this is roughly accurate, as the crow flies.


Sarah and John's names in their new identities are Sarah Baum and John Baum. Obviously, the last name comes from Oz author L. Frank Baum. Additionally, Cameron has a new identity as John's sister, Cameron Baum.


Notice that John's fake birth certificate indicates he was born 7-22-1992. This would make him 15 in 2007, accounting for his age due to the time jump (since he was actually born in 1985).


Cameron's driver's license shows an address of 9836 Maple Drive, North Hollywood, CA 91601. This appears to be a fictitious address, though the zip code does match that of North Hollywood.


John and Cameron register for school at Campo de Cahuenga High School. This is a fictitious high school, named for the real world Campo de Cahuenga Ranch historic site.


Sarah's ending narration states that John once told her that "know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe" is inscribed on the Temple of Apollo. A phrase approximately this in Ancient Greek was inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at the sanctuary of Delphi until is was destroyed by Roman emperor Theodosius I as a pagan temple in the name of Christianity.


Sarah goes to the Oncology Department of Pacific Medical West Center to get a cancer screening after learning of the cause of her death from Cameron. This appears to be a fictitious medical center.


Unanswered Questions


Why is Cromartie's metal skull not still covered in flesh when the road worker finds it? It should still have had flesh on it after being severed from his body in 1999 or it wouldn't have been able to travel through time.


How did Cromartie's body wind up at the metal recycling yard? Realistically, the FBI or other authorities would have performed a fairly extensive examination of the blown up bank vault in 1999 (especially considering escaped mental patient and fugitive Sarah Connor was involved!) and would have found the body! It makes absolutely no sense that the body would have been scooped up with standard debris in the aftermath of the explosion. It also seems odd that the dedication plaque would be among the debris where the robotic body wakes up. The "explosion" was only a burst of plasma and electricity from Sarah's plasma gun striking the Terminator; obviously the body was not destroyed (as seen here), so would the bank walls have come down, bringing the plaque in with them? It's supposed to be a quick way of bringing Cromartie back into the story 7 years later, but it seems sloppy. 


Memorable Dialog


time lag.mp3

I'm not yelling.mp3

you died two years ago.mp3

it's not so bad being a Connor.mp3

how was I killed?.mp3

leave a message.mp3

cat person.mp3

were you going to kill that cop?.mp3

not this John.mp3

why are diamonds a girl's best friend?.mp3

it was one of his favorite things that you did.mp3

my dad's always a hero...and he's always dead.mp3


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