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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Revolution (Part 3) Terminator
"Revolution" Part 3
Terminator: Revolution #3 (Dynamite)
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Lui Antonio
Cover A: Richard Isanove, Cover B: Nigel Raynor


John Connor meets John Connor in 1996!


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series takes place largely about 6 years after the events of Infinity.


Didja Know?


This mini-series is a follow-up to Infinity and features the T-Infinity Terminator that appeared in that earlier story.


The header of the mini-series reads, "Continuing the T2 saga..." even though it takes place after the events of T3: Rise of the Machines.


Didja Notice?


1996: On page 2, Otis' truck, stolen by the two Johns, has a bullet hole in the windshield. This happened when one of the Terminators shot at the two near the end of "Revolution" Part 2.


1996: On page 2, a storefront for Eklaboo Buchukoy is seen next to the Le Bayou restaurant. I have been unable to entirely translate "Eklaboo Buchukoy", but it seems to refer to "fat boy food" in the Philipines.


1996: Page 7 reveals that John was attending Wilson Haynes High School, New Orleans in 1996. This appears to be a fictitious school, not to mention that John would only be 11 years old in 1996 and, thus, not yet attending high school!


1996: Apparently, John and Sarah have been using their real names in 1996. Isn't that a bit risky considering Sarah is likely wanted for multiple assaults against computer companies, assaults against police officers, and for escaping from the Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane?


1996: On page 8, Sarah decides it's time for her and John to "get the hell out of Dodge!" The phrase "get out of Dodge" is generally attributed to the long-running (1955-1975) TV series Gunsmoke, a western set in Dodge City, Kansas.


2015: Tara Connor refers to the Dire Wolf as Fido here and in later issues.


2015: Page 17 shows that the Dire Wolf is about the size of an aerial Hunter-Killer, much larger than its prehistoric namesake.


2015: On page 18, Tara incorrectly refers to the resistance operation against Skynet as "Firearm". The correct name for the operation is "Sidearm".


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