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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: No Fate "No Fate"
Terminator: Nuclear Twilight/Cybernetic Dawn #0
Writer: Dan Abnett
Story by: Dan Abnett and Mark Paniccia
Art: Rod Whigham and Jack Snider
Cover by Rod Whigham and Joel Naprstek
April 1996


Sarah and John have separate showdowns with Terminators.


Story Summary


Sarah faces off against the female T-1000 at NetWork Developments and manages to destroy it with a freezing compound from the chemical analysis lab, the melee ending with an explosion that destroys the company's Simi Valley headquarters while Sarah escapes.


Meanwhile, the remaining T-800 rises from the wreckage of the van in the desert, but Mossberg takes it down with a bazooka.


Reuniting at another of the Salceda family's hideouts, John and Sarah come to the conclusion that the rise of Skynet is inevitable...but they have a new plan.


Didja Know?


The title of this issue, "No Fate", comes from the phrase "No fate but what we make" that appears in Judgment Day.


Didja Notice?


Besides the pistol, Sarah appears to have taken an Uzi submachine gun from one of the feds on page 3.


On page 4, panel 5, Sarah's narration describes the H&K running out against the T-1000. "H&K" is a reference to Heckler & Koch, a German gun manufacturer, though at this point, she is only holding an Uzi, which is not an H&K weapon. Possibly the narration refers to the pistol she picked up on page 3, but she also seems to have emptied and discarded it on that same page.


In the chemical analysis lab at NetWork Developments, Sarah stumbles across a flask labeled 27B/6 which she throws in desperation at the T-1000. The solution from the shattering flask turns out to have instant freezing properties that damage a small part of the poly-alloy surface. Sarah finally finds a drum of the solution and takes down the T-1000 with it. "27B/6" is likely a reference to the 1985 dystopian comic film Brazil, in which form 27B/6 is required in order for any work to be done by repairmen from the Department of Public Works (the film's scriptwriters conjured the nomenclature from the address of George Orwell when he was writing his famous dystopian novel 1984; he lived in Apartment 27B, 6th Floor).


On page 7, Blythe, in shock after the attack by the Terminator and the van crash, is mumbling the words of the old nursery rhyme "Ring Around the Rosie".


On page 8, Mossberg picks up a bazooka from the wreckage of the van. Recall that Sarah said she'd tell him where to pick up some weapons and supplies on the way to the mountains back in "Judgment Impaired".


On page 11, it seems that the hideout in the mountains is another one of the Salcedas' places.


On page 12, John appears to have changed out his Public Enemy t-shirt for an Iggy Pop one.


In the last panel of the story, it's revealed that John has saved the head of the T-800 that attacked Mossberg's van. It's possible that he plans to use it in his and Danny's plan to create a long-term virus that will inevitably destroy the yet-to-be-born Skynet.


Sarah and John's conclusion that the development of Skynet is inevitable nicely sets up the events of Rise of the Machines in 2004, but a full 8 years before that movie was released!


The T-1000 that appeared in Judgment Day was supposed to be a one-of-a-kind prototype. So how did Skynet manage to send the one we see throughout Cybernetic Dawn? Later, in "Dead Men Walking", we'll see two of them, the one that goes back to 1995 and is seen in Judgment Day and one that impersonates resistance member Griff and infiltrates John's unit at the end of "Father's Day". 


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