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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Infinity (Part 4) Terminator
"Infinity" Part 4
Terminator: Infinity #4 (Dynamite)
Written by Simon Furman
Art Nigel Raynor
Cover A: Pat Lee, Cover B: Stjepan Sejic, Cover C: Nigel Raynor


John comes under suspicion when the resistance cell discovers that Uncle Bob is a Terminator.


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Notes from the Terminator chronology


This mini-series jumps around in time. From 2033, where Skynet has been all but defeated and sends the T-Infinity prototype temporal Terminator to correct all divergent time paths, to 2009, with John Connor emerging from the Crystal Peak bunker.


Didja Notice?


The Pat Lee cover of this issue features Tara Holden with a tattoo of the Latin words Semper fidelis and the letters USMC. USMC stands for the United States Marine Corps and Semper fidelis is their motto, meaning "Always faithful". The woman is carrying an M16 rifle. Spray-painted on the wall behind her are the words "No fate", from the phrase "No fate but what we make" quoted by Kyle Reese to Sarah Connor from the words of John Connor in 2029 as related in Judgment Day.


At the beginning of the issue, John's resistance cell appears to be meeting in a diner to discuss their options. This is probably Milly's Grill, glimpsed briefly in "Infinity" Part 3.


As they prepare to leave Albuquerque, Tara tells John they'll head to Fort Garland and then on to Denver. Fort Garland is a small town in Colorado and Denver is the capital of the state.


On page 10, Tara's resistance cell is seen sporting at least one Humvee. The word stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, manufactured by AM General mostly for the U.S. military.


Also on page 10, John tells Tara, "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship." This is a famous quote from the end of the 1942 film Casablanca.


After unlocking the second gate to Skynet's Denver stronghold, Uncle Bob tells the resistance soldiers to wait for the anti-rad scouring agent to clear. "Anti-rad" is short for "anti-radiation".


On page 19, the T-Infinity identifies the Uncle Bob Terminator as unit #675/45.


As John approaches the scene of the battle between Uncle Bob and the T-Infinity on the last panel of page 21, he is behind the T-Infinity as it stands over Uncle Bob's body. But on the splashpage of page 22, he is suddenly in front of the T-Infinity standing over Uncle Bob's body!


On the "Dynamite Dispatches" letters and announcements page of this issue, the editor responds to a letter by mentioning the upcoming (in 2007) comic book crossover of Terminator and Painkiller Jane and another crossover coming in 2008 "that's sure to keep people talking". No crossover occurred in 2008. It's possible this is a reference to the Terminator/Robocop crossover that was later published by them in 2011.


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