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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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Terminator: Fragmented (Part 2) "Fragmented" Part 2
Terminator 3 #6 (Beckett Comics)
Story: Jeff Amano
Writer: Miles Gunter
Artist: Kieron Dwyer
Cover: Jeff Amano


John Connor contends with two Terminators. But which is friend and which foe?


Story Summary


The damaged, male T-950 resumes the chase of the female T-950 and John Connor. As it begins defragmenting its hard drive, it seems to come the conclusion that it is meant to assassinate to John Connor, not protect him. The chase leads into the city subway. Massive destruction ensues. By the end, the female destroys the male and takes off with John in tow.




Didja Know?


Terminator 3 was a 6-part mini-series published by Beckett Comics in 2003, coinciding with the release of the theatrical film, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Due to the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Judgment Day itself has been delayed from its "original" date in 1997. The first two issues of this mini-series are titled "Before the Rise" and cover the events in 2032 leading up to Skynet sending the T-X series Terminator back in time to 2004 to kill John Connor's future officers before Judgment Day. Issues 3 and 4 are titled "Eyes of the Rise" and tell the Rise of the Machines story from the perspective of the T-X. Issues 5 and 6 are titled "Fragmented" and tell of events taking place some time after an alternate version of Rise of the Machines in which Judgment Day did not occur.


No date or locale is given for the events of this 2-part story. Page 10 of this issue indicates a subway stop called Ramon Plaza, but I've been unable to identify a real world subway stop by that name. Page 34 indicates a Ninth Avenue stop, but that could be part of virtually any city subway system.


Didja Notice?


The car stolen by the "protector" Terminator is a Pontiac Firebird, approximately 1978 model.


Based on the logo seen, the credit card advertisement inside the subway car on page 13 is for Master Card.


On page 15, panel 2, a subway rider is wearing a baseball cap backwards, with the Mr. Horsepower mascot of Clay Smith Cams. However, the real mascot logo (a cartoonish bird head that looks similar to an angry Woody Woodpecker) always has a cigar (or occasionally some other item) chomped in his mouth, which is not present in the panel here.


The T-950 somehow has a cache of "electro-grenades" on her person which she plants throughout a subway car on page 23. We see at least five of them. Where did they come from? Did she have them hidden inside her body for the trip back in time? Are they some kind of modern day weaponry she somehow acquired?


On page 43, an advertising poster for Yay! The Musical is seen in the background. Do you need me to say it? This is a fictional play.


Unanswered Questions


What happens from here? The story ends with the male assassin Terminator destroyed and John in the protective care of the female protector Terminator. The End. Rumors are that another chapter of the story was planned but never published.


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