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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

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"Endgame" Part 2
Terminator: Endgame #2
Dark Horse
Writer: James Robinson
Penciler: Jackson Guice
Inker: John Beatty
Cover by John Higgins
October 1992


Our heroes and villains close in for a rendezvous with Sarah Connor.


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Didja Notice?


I believe the badass female figure on the cover is intended to be Sarah Connor. It looks similar to the Sarah Connor on the cover of Terminator: Endgame #3.


On page 7, Sloane has a copy of the Times Daily on his desk. The only newspaper I can find by that name is TimesDaily of Florence, Alabama. But I don't know why Sloane, an L.A. cop, would have an Alabama newspaper on his desk, unless he had reason to think the serial killer called Catfish whom he's attempting to catch, had a connection with that area.


Also on page 7, one of Sloane's colleagues in the LAPD is wearing a Dark Horse t-shirt! Dark Horse is the publisher of this mini-series. In fact, I believe there was an actual t-shirt with this style and logo available at the time.


Sloane claims that ex-cons are often hired as pet groomers. I've found no evidence that is true over any other type of job an ex-con might get.


Dudley's machine half obtains knowledge from the newly arrived Terminator (the Machine) that they have managed to change the future such as to delay the evolution of the machines and allow humanity to begin fighting back sooner and some areas of the U.S. southwest have barely been touched by the war in the future.


The future records obtained by Dudley reveal that John Connor is to be born at Odessa Hospital in Texas. This appears to be a fictional hospital, though the city of Odessa, Texas is real.


Dudley's information on page 11 suggests that Skynet's time displacement machine in the Northwest Territories of Canada is the last one it has in existence.


The '57 Chevy carjacked by the Machine is accurately represented in this issue.


The Heavenly Bliss Pet Cemetary where Catfish worked appears to be fictional.


The exotic way that Catfish kills and displays Dr. Litvack seems inspired by the Viking "blood eagle", a brutal ritual method of execution allegedly practiced by the Viking culture in the 8th-11th centuries. The scene here may have been based on scenes from the film Silence of the Lambs, in which the homicidal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter killed a prison guard in this manner, released the year before this mini-series was published.


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