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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

at popapostle-dot-com
"Endgame" Part 1
Terminator: Endgame #1
Dark Horse
Writer: James Robinson
Penciler: Jackson Guice
Inker: John Beatty
Cover by John Higgins
September 1992


Mary and Sloane take care of the final loose end, but new threads materialize.


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Didja Notice?


The "What Came Before..." section on the inside front cover of this issue states that Dudley survived the battle at Cyberdyne (in "The Enemy Within" Part 4), but has since disappeared.


On page 5, Mary is driving what may be an old Citroen 2CV convertible.


In panel 5 of page 5 we see signs for Crazy Randy's Hot House, which appears to be a topless dance bar, and Burbank Savings & Loan. These appear to be fictional businesses. The name Burbank Savings & Loan suggests the action takes place in Burbank, a city just northwest of Los Angeles. But Agent Longhurst's FBI office was seemingly located in Washington D.C. when first seen in "The Enemy Within" Part 1. I suppose he could be using a local office in the L.A. area for the meeting with Sloane.


After Mary and Sloane blow up Longhurst's office, page 7 jumps the story forward two months and five days, the date now September 30, 1984.


At the murder scene on pages 8 and 9, we see some personnel wearing EMT patches on their uniforms. EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician.


On page 10, Mary has a calendar from Zablo Realty hanging on the wall of her apartment. This appears to be a fictional business.


This issue states that future history records John Connor's birth date as October 4, 1984. But, according to Judgment Day, his birth date is February 28, 1985. In fact, October 4 makes no sense at all since The Terminator establishes his conception in May 1984 and October is only 5 months later! The events of The Terminator would have to have occurred in February 1984 for October to be a viable birth date. The only scenario that would make a slight amount of sense is if writer James Robinson was basing John's conception on the March 1984 date given in the novelization of The Terminator, and if John was born one month premature.


In the background of panel 3 on page 10, a truck says "Shuman's" on the side. I'm unaware of an L.A. business by that name, but there's not really enough information to determine if it's a real world one or not.


Page 11 reveals that Dudley had already vanished when Mary and Sloane went to find out how badly he'd been damaged after his tussle with C890.L after the end of "The Enemy Within" Part 4. Since then, Mary has been following a previously established agreement between them that they would leave a message for the other in the Herald Tribune if they ever became separated; so far, he has not responded to any of her messages. Presumably, the Herald Tribune referred to is the International Herald Tribune, an international English newspaper that was sold throughout the world. On October 15, 2013, the paper's name was changed to the International New York Times. The International Herald Tribune is probably also the newspaper referred to in "Secondary Objectives" Part 4 which Dr. Astin used to track down Mary and Dudley in Mexico via messages in the classified section.


On page 11, panel 3, we see a street sign for Olympic Blvd. This is an actual street in Los Angeles.


The new Terminator that has arrived in 1984 (referred to only as the Machine in this mini-series) attacks the R.C.M.P. training facility at Fort Providence, Northwest Territories, Canada. The R.C.M.P. is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Fort Providence is an actual hamlet in the Northwest Territories, but as far as I've been able to determine, there is no RCMP training facility there. The sign for the training facility in this issue says it is located at an elevation of 3,479 feet; the actual hamlet of Fort Providence is only 520 feet above sea level.


During the attack on the training facility, the Machine appears to be carrying a shotgun and an AK-47. The AK-47 is a Russian automatic rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947.


The gun fired by an off-panel RCMP in panel 7 of page 19 may be a type of Uzi.


Page 22 reveals that Dudley has been hiding out in San Diego.


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