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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

at popapostle-dot-com
"Death Valley" Part 5
Terminator #4
Dark Horse
Written by Alan Grant
Art by Steve Pugh
December 1998


Final showdown in Death Valley between the humans, the Terminators, and KZ-1!


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Didja Notice? 


On page 3, Van Dirk is afraid the two Terminators may have survived being hit by the train, having already seen them survive knives, bullets, and an explosion. The train hit occurred at the end of "Death Valley" Part 4 and the other incidents all in "Death Valley" Part 1.


On page 11, Van Dirk breaks out Scotty's portable ham radio box. The inside lid is seen to have two lists taped into it, "Earth Stations" and "Morse Code". Earth stations are those telecommunication stations designed to send/receive radio waves to/from space, i.e. one- or two-way communication with satellites, spacecraft, or astronomical objects; I guess our old miner friend Scotty is a bit of a space junky! Morse code is a method of communicating via a series of on-off signals such as flashes, tones, or clicks, invented by Samuel Morse (1791-1872).


In panel 5 of page 11, the letter "k" is missing from Jon Norden's exclamation of "L-look!"


On page 15, notice that D800-L has replaced his missing leg with a piece of railroad track!


On pages 17-18, it is revealed that Terminators have an ability to generate and direct an electromagnetic pulse that can cause at least small electronic devices to explode.


Unanswered Questions


We learn in the following mini-series, The Dark Years, that Van Dirk, Sara Norden, Jon Norden, and Scotty survived the events of this story. But what of Dr. Newbert? After KZ-1 is destroyed by the Terminators, he is seen fleeing back to his Humvee and is not seen or mentioned again.


Did anyone ever find the Terminator remains in the desert after the explosion at the end of this story? 


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