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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Whom God Destroys (Part 2) "Whom God Destroys" Part 2
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Megan Levens
Colors by Marissa Louise
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
September 2017


Garth of Izar seeks vengeance on his former crew of the Heisenberg while masquerading as Captain Kirk aboard the Endeavour.


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Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk



Dr. Groffus

Garth of Izar

Dr. McCoy

Lt. Ellix

Lt. Darwin

Lt. Commander Sulu

Lt. Murcia

Captain Jiang


Demora Sulu (mentioned only)

Dr. Donald Cory


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title, but is referred to as the conclusion of "Whom God Destroys" on the IDW web solicitation, so I have gone with that overall title for the two-parter here. This title is also an homage to the original series episode upon which the story is based, "Whom Gods Destroy". The title of the original episode is a slight variation on a line in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1875 poem "The Masque of Pandora", the full line being, "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad."


Didja Notice?


The "Previously in Star Trek: Boldly Go..." paragraph on the inside front cover of this issue states that Kirk has been ambushed by "his old flame, the space-pirate Eurydice..." The term "flame" implies a romantic liaison in the past, but Kirk did not have any romantic or sexual contact in their previous meeting in the three-part "Eurydice". It seems odd this editorial mistake should be made considering the same writer, Mike Johnson, penned both stories! However, the pair do "hook up" at the end of this issue!


Page 7 reveals that Eurydice's pirate ship, the Spectral, has warp-tracking technology years ahead of Federation tech.


The current captain of the USS Heisenberg is Captain Jiang. The name "Jiang" may be a play on the name of Captain Liang Jin, who was the Heisenberg's captain in the 2003 novel Garth of Izar.


It's possible that the helmsman of the Heisenberg in this issue is Akeelah, who was also the helmsman of the ship in the "10 years ago" sequence at the beginning of "Whom God Destroys" Part 1; in both issues, the helmsman is an attractive black woman.


When faced with two Kirks, Sulu must decide which is the real one. This is similar to a scene near the end of the original series episode "Whom Gods Destroy" in which Spock must decide between two Kirks in similar circumstances.


On page 17, Kirk identifies Sulu's daughter as Demora. She first appeared in the Kelvin Timeline (unnamed) in Star Trek Beyond.


After stopping Garth, the Endeavour drops him off at the Federation asylum on Elba II. This is the asylum where Garth was being held at the beginning of the original series episode "Whom Gods Destroy".


Though left unnamed, the governor of the Elba II asylum appears to be the same man seen in the original series episode "Whom Gods Destroy", Dr. Donald Cory.


The 2-part story never quite explains how Garth, a human, has become able to shape-shift. The closest we get to an explanation is when he says that after the transporter accident, "It was left to the Antosians to save me. And in their mercy, to make me stronger than I ever was in my...other life." In the original series episode, it was said that the Antosians were able to use "cellular metamorphosis" to heal injuries and change their outer appearance and they taught this technique to Garth.


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