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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Subtext "Subtext"
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott
Art by Tony Shasteen
Colors by JD Mettler
Letters by Andworld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
June 2017


Lt. Uhura begins to have strange visions on New Vulcan.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue




Lt. Uhura

Amanda Grayson (mentioned only, deceased)


Raheem (mentioned only)



Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. I chose the title "Subtext" as the story is about Uhura discovering the subtext of Vulcan behavior and that of the psychic echoes of the empathic ancient former inhabitants of the planet during her stay on New Vulcan.


This ends with a "To be continued" slug on the last page, but this is just a single-issue story. The next issue features another standalone, spotlighting Scotty and Kevin.


Didja Notice?


On page 1, Sarek has prepared plomeek soup from his late wife's recipe. He says her plomeek soup was better than any he's ever tasted that was made by a Vulcan. In "New Frontiers", Spock remarked to Uhura that his father had prepared a special plomeek soup of his own recipe; was it really his wife's recipe he had prepared at the time?


Spock informs his father that he has been invited to accompany an expedition to the Voroth Massif near the south pole of New Vulcan. The Voroth Sea was mentioned on Vulcan in the Voyager episode "Innocence"; presumably both gained the "Voroth" name from the same source.


On pages 2-3, Spock and Uhura bring up the possibility of marriage.


On page 4, panel 3, Uhura is seen training with a lirpa, a Vulcan ceremonial weapon first seen in the Star Trek TV episode "Amok Time".


On page 6, Uhura mentions an uncle Rahem. This is a misspelling of "Raheem", Uhura's uncle whose death was seen in flashback in "The Voice of a Falling Star".


On page 7, Uhura suddenly seemingly finds herself in her old home town, with her parents nearby. Her home town was established to be Kitui, Kenya in the United States of Africa in "The Q Gambit" Part 1. Uhura's parents have been named as Alhamisi and M'Umbha Uhura in various expanded universe sources and were seen previously in "The Voice of a Falling Star". 


The monitor arm and monitor seen on page 15, panel 3 is from an image of a Humanscale M8 Single Monitor Arm. It appeared previously in "Legacy of Spock" Part 4 (also by artist Tony Shasteen).
monitor Humanscale M8 single monitor arm
Monitor arm Humanscale M8 Single Monitor Arm


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