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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Operation Annihilate (Part 2) "Operation Annihilate" Part 2
Star Trek #6
Writer: Mike Johnson
Based on the original teleplay by Oliver Crawford and Steven W. Carabatsos
Artist: Joe Corroney
Cover by Tim Bradstreet
February 2012


George takes matters into his own hands to save his family, while Spock also acts alone to find a cure to the parasitic infection.


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Didja Know?


This two-part story is based on the televised episode of the same name from the original Star Trek TV series.


Didja Notice?  


In the original timeline, it seemed that Kirk's brother went by his middle name "Sam". Presumably, the middle name was used by his family to avoid confusion with his father, with whom he shared the first name "George". In the new timeline, George Sr. died while the boy was still very young, so the confusion of names was not an issue and he was referred to as George, as he is in this story.


This story gives the impression that after George Jr. left the family in "Parallels", he never returned nor even stayed in touch with his mother and Jim.


Kirk's brother and sister-in-law remain alive by the end of this story. In the original episode, George (Sam) was found already dead early on and his wife died in sickbay due to the effects of the parasite.


On page 5, George reveals that his son, Peter, is 8 years old. In the original timeline, George had two other children who died before the events of "Operation: Annihilate" (as revealed in the episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"), but it is implied in this issue that he has only the one son in the Kelvin timeline.


On page 11, an Ensign Ku is found unconscious in the transporter room after George sneaks back to the planet to rescue his family. A Lt. Ku was seen as the science officer of the Enterprise-E in the 24th Century in "Countdown" Part 2 and Part 4.


Yeoman Zahra (whom we met in "Operation Annihilate" Part 1) calls Kirk to the transporter room when Ku is found unconscious, but it is not Zahra who greets him there, but Yeoman Rand.


On page 17, Scotty remarks on shooting ultraviolet waves toward the planet through a transmagnesite filter to kill the neural parasites. In the original episode, it was a combination of trimagnesite and trevium that did the job. All three appear to be  fictional compounds.


Spock's self-experimentation under ultraviolet radiation to kill the parasite in his body temporarily robs him of his sight. The main damage was done to his inner eyelid, an organ present in Vulcans. Dr. McCoy remarks that his eyesight is slowly returning, but he needs to see a Vulcan ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, they're not sure there are still any around after the destruction of Vulcan in "The Vengeance of Nero".


In the original episode, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the satellites kills the parasites. In this story, it merely incapacitates them and frees the infected from the parasites' neurological control.


On pages 19-20, we see Spock and Uhura in what appears to be Spock's quarters. Many of the decorations seen here have been seen in Spock's quarters in various episodes of the original series. We see a three-dimensional chess set, a Vulcan harp, Vulcan bells, an engraved chest, and a, uh, roundish thing on a box.


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