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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: I.D.I.C. (Part 4) "I.D.I.C." Part 4
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Angel Hernandez
Colors by Mark Roberts
Letters by AndWorld Design
Cover by Angel Hernandez
January 2018


The Kirks face betrayal and implacable enemies.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue


Captain Kirk

Gary Mitchell (narration only)

Captain Jane Kirk (gender-swapped universe)

Captain Kirk (botanical universe)

Mr. Spock (Federation/Romulan war universe)

Lt. Uhura (Federation/Romulan war universe)

Uhura-1701 (android universe)

Dr. McCoy

Lt. Uhuro (gender-swapped universe)

Scotty (gaseous universe)

Sulu-1701 (android universe)

Jellyfish (mentioned only, sentient starship, android universe)

Lt. Pavlovna "Pavela" Chekov (gender-swapped universe)

Captain Spock (female, alternate universe)

Kirk-1701 (mentioned only, android universe)

Commander Simon Grayson (alternate universe)

Commander Valas (Federation/Romulan war universe)

Nero (Federation/Romulan war universe)

The Orphan

Empress Khan 


Didja Know?


The title of this 6-part story, "I.D.I.C.", stands for "Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations", a Vulcan philosophy first introduced to us in the original series episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" in 1968.


Didja Notice?


In this issue, the small ovoid vessel that carries the form of the Scotty from the universe of gas-based entities is more detailed and mechanical-looking than the plain ovoid seen in "I.D.I.C." Part 3. Likely this is due to the artistic license of each artist since each issue of this storyline has a different artist.


On page 17, the Scotty from the universe of gas-based entities refers to the botanical Kirk as Captain Plant-Kirk or Plirk. 


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