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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Star Trek: Assimilation "Assimilation"
Star Trek: Boldly Go
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Tony Shasteen
Colors by Davide Mastrolonardo
Letters by Andworld Design
Cover by George Caltsoudas
November 2016


The Endeavour chases the Borg ship to the Romulan neutral zone.


Read the story summary of this issue at Memory Beta


Characters appearing in this issue


Lt. Commander Sulu

Captain Kirk

Dr. McCoy

Lt. Commander Valas

Ben (Sulu's husband, mentioned only)

Sulu's daughter (unnamed, mentioned only)

Lt. Uhura


Lt. Ellix

Lt. Darwin

Lt. Murcia

Captain Terrell (as Borg drone)

Lt. Zahra 


Didja Know?


This issue does not have an individual title. I've chosen the title "Assimilation" just because the Borg begin to assimilate some Starfleet crew in this issue.


Didja Notice?


On page 1, Sulu describes how the Borg carved off pieces of the Concord and took them. This was established as the Borg's standard operating procedure when first encountering new technology in the original timeline in the ST: TNG episode "Q Who".


The Concord had a battle bridge. The Enterprise did as well. Are battle bridges now standard on Starfleet vessels in the Kelvin Timeline?


Page 2 reveals that Sulu's husband and daughter were aboard the Concord as well, now either dead or captives of the Borg (revealed to be captive in "Assimilation Futile"). Is it standard procedure in Starfleet to allow officers' families to accompany them on shipboard assignments? In the original timeline, it doesn't seem to have been so until the 24th Century, with the launch of the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D.


Uhura discovers that a Vulcan vessel apparently encountered the Borg centuries ago on the edge of the Delta Quadrant. The Borg are believed to have originated in that quadrant.


Learning that the Borg ship appears to be heading for the area where the Kelvin was destroyed by the Narada 30 years ago, Kirk wonders if the Borg ship could be part of another temporal incursion. Lt. Ellix reports that no chroniton residue has been detected in the area of space where the Concord was destroyed. In the ST universe, chronitons are sub-atomic particles related to time travel or temporal anomalies.


On page 5, Kirk tells Lt. Murcia to inform the Bradbury of their new course towards Romulus. This may be the same Bradbury that Spock was to be assigned to by Admiral Pike in Star Trek Into Darkness. (Oddly, the Bradbury is not mentioned--or seen--again in the concluding issues of this storyline.)


On page 6, Spock remarks that he is committed to helping to establish the New Vulcan Science Academy. The original Vulcan Science Academy was mentioned numerous times in stories of the original timeline ST universe, especially in media beyond the TV shows. In "Parallels", Spock turns down the Science Academy's offer of enrollment, the first Vulcan to ever do so, in favor of enrolling in Starfleet Academy.


At the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, Federation Outpost Armstrong comes under attack by the Borg sphere that tore apart the Concord. This is the first appearance or mention of Outpost Armstrong. Borg spheres have appeared in various ST stories of the original timeline in the past, though not as frequently as Borg cubes.


An Endeavour crewmember who may be Lt. Zahra from the Enterprise is seen on the bridge on page 15. She's not identified here, but does appear in the next issue ("Resistance is Futile") by name.


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