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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

"The Other Half"
Web comic

Script by Jim Krueger
Art by Will Conrad


Mal accepts a job that sounds too good to be true.


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Notes from the Firefly/Serenity Chronology


I based the placement of this story from the Firefly/Serenity timeline created by Edgar Governo on his site The History of Things That Never Were. Also, neither Inara nor Book appear in this story, implying it takes place after these two have left Serenity, which occurs shortly after "Those Left Behind" Part 3.


Didja Notice?


Where did the crew get the hovercraft they are using on this job? One would assume it's a rental or a loaner, because it looks nothing like the flying mule Mal acquired sometime before "Better Days" Part 1.


On page 6, Wash, piloting Serenity, apparently blows up the lead Reaver ship chasing the hovercraft. How did he manage this? As far back as the pilot episode ("Serenity"), the ship has had no mounted weapons! And even if Wash did somehow shoot down the first Reaver ship as shown, what about the second one? Suddenly it's gone too! Did that ship just take off after the destruction of her sister ship? 


Chinese translations
(Thanks to the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary for the translations)
Page/Panel Chinese English
1/1 Jayne says, "Wuh juh-guh shen-tze boo-shee yong-lai way Reavers duh!" "My body's not going to be used to feed Reavers!"
4/5 Mal says "bai-bai nen-nen duh" "white and delicate"
6/1 Alliance agent thinks "Gan." "Fuck."
7/3 Jayne says, "SHANG-DEE duh dan!" "God's eggs!"


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