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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Firefly: Return to Earth-That-Was (Part 3) Firefly
"Return to Earth-That-Was" Part 3
Firefly #27
BOOM! Studios
Written by Greg Pak
Illustrated by Ethan Young
Colored by Joana Lafuente
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Cover A by Bengal
March 2021


Kaylee and Zoe attempt to track down the self-exiled Malcolm Reynolds.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this issue






Ma Reynolds (mentioned only, deceased)

Shepherd Book (mentioned only, deceased)

Wash (mentioned only, deceased)



Didja Notice?


There is not a lot to comment on in this issue. It has little dialog and focuses on a mostly silent Mal eking out a bare existence in the wilds of on an unnamed frontier world.


On page 4, Mal takes down an auto-tank that attacks him. The automated mobile weapon on legs is first referred to as an auto-tank by Mal later on in "Return to Earth-That-Was" Part 6.


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